Zhu Ruosheng, also known as Musika, is the military advisor of Lor River City, a member of the Yue Army, and an advisor to the Tiger Clan. She is a member of the Phoenix Clan, one of the Four Houses of Cloud.



War Commander Zhu Ruosheng of the Power Phoenix wears an outfit embroidered with clouding and water patterns, which blends with Ruosheng's regal position and peaceful temperament perfectly. The outfit was designed to combine patterns from minorities in the South with finest silk embroidery. Fine and elegant, majestic and luxury, this is the style of Power Phoenix.
— Zhu Ruosheng's description in the Time Diary

Zhu Ruosheng has long black hair and cool blue and white hanfu. A blue ribbon ties up her hair.


Zhu Ruosheng takes her duties as an advisor very seriously, feeling immense guilt over the fall of Cloud City.[3] She is also extremely loyal to her best friend Yue Qianshuang. Though her temperament is quiet, she often smiles in a mysterious and cunning way. She has been shown to be very studious and intelligent, reading through the entire Cloud History as a child and beating the national go player when she was only twelve.[4] She loves bean jelly and gourds.[5] She can also compose music.[2]


Early Life

Zhu Ruosheng has proven herself as being very studious from an early age. At only twelve, she defeated the national go player, Bai Yiyue, and at sixteen she passed the highest imperial exams after reading the history of Cloud. She subsequently joined Yue army.[4]

Adult Life

With the army, Zhu Ruosheng helped Yue Qianshuang and the Yue army retake Western Cloud from bandits. The Imperial Court of Cloud later assigned Zhu Ruosheng to become the advisor of Lor River City.[3]

Year 680

Zhu Ruosheng met Nikki and her friends shortly after the time of Lunar's death and the fall of Cloud City. Being the military advisor of Lor River City, she was there with Zhong Lizi while Nikki was passing through. They discussed the situation together, with Zhu Ruosheng explaining that the situation had developed yet Huo Qizhou refused to budge on his own plans.[3]

Art of War

Outside Brocade City, Zhu Ruosheng and Yue Qianshuang fought together against an elite force prepared by Zhu Yuxian. When it seemed they were losing badly, Yue Qianshuang barely conscious from loss of blood, Zhu Ruosheng tried to convince Yue Qianshuang to pull back, saying that they didn't need to fight anymore and that they had made it far enough. Yue Qianshuang decided to make a final charge, but was captured by chains and subsequently saved by Ming Shuiyuan.[6]


Yue Qianshuang

Yue Qianshuang and Zhu Ruosheng are best friends and they fight in the war together as partners. Zhu Ruosheng joined Yue Army after passing the highest imperial exams.[4] They also spend time together outside of a military context, taking the time to celebrate the New Year together one year in Cloud Capital.[5]

Zhu Yuxian

Zhu Yuxian and Zhu Ruosheng are both from the Zhu or Phoenix clan.

Name by Server

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Zhu Ruosheng
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 祝若笙 (Zhù Ruòshēng)
Japanese Flag Japan 祝若笙
Korean Flag South Korea 축생황 (Chuk Saenghwang)
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Chúc Nhược Sênh
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Toshiro

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Musika


The character 笙 (shēng) in her given name in Chinese means "reed pipe", and is likely the reason for her nickname "Musika".


  • It is possible that Zhu Ruosheng was initially intended to be a male character. This is supported by the fact that in both Chinese and English, she is alternately referred to by both male and female pronouns in both the story and item descriptions.


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