Now I see that trusting each other is the most important thing. So no matter what happens, I shall always be honest with you.
— Zhong Lizi to Bai Jinjin, in 5-4 Elopement!

Zhong Lizi (previously known as Saki) is a designer from Cloud Empire and the boyfriend of Bai Jinjin.



Zhong Lizi is a handsome and elegant-looking young man in his early 20's, with long black hair framing his face and tied back. He wears Cloud clothing in pale green colors.


Zhong Lizi is serious, but also trustworthy and dependable. He is always committed to doing the right and honorable thing.[4]


Zhong Lizi and Bai Jinjin met and fell in love at some point. However, Jinjin's father did not approve of their relationship, especially given Lizi's financial status, so he planned to leave on his own and become successful before returning to Jinjin. However, Jinjin didn't let him leave without her, and he realized how much he loved her and wanted to be with her.[5]

In the year 680, Zhong Lizi attended the Designer's Tea Party with Bai Jinjin serving as his model at their booth. At this event, they met Nikki, Momo, Bobo, and Lunar.[6][2] However, during the event, he made up an excuse for her to leave the booth and asked another model to try on another type of design.[7] Jinjin witnessed the interaction and he had to chase her down in order to apologize for her.[8]

Things only got worse when Dansu, a dancer and assassin, was sent to the event to track down Bai Jinjin.[8] Lizi and Jinjin bade Nikki goodbye[5] and left for the north, but Jinjin could not handle the cold weather, so they returned to Long Street, Cloud.[9] However, they quickly had to leave there after Qiong, another agent of Bai Jinjin's father, was sent after them.[10]


Bai JinjinEdit

Zhong Lizi is engaged to Bai Jinjin, and they are the perfect picture of a couple in love. Though Zhong Lizi was afraid to show her his design of a bunny costume and hurt Bai Jinjin by breaking her trust,[7] he thoroughly apologized to her and committed to always communicating with her.[8] He later displays their love by carrying around a silk bag she gave him, even while they were separated during the war.[11] He both designs and buys gifts for her, which she treasures dearly.[12][13]

Huo QizhouEdit

Name by Server Edit

Version Name/Transliteration
International International (English) Zhong Lizi
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 钟离梓 (Zhōnglí zǐ)
Japanese Flag Japan ケイシ (Keishi)
Korean Flag South Korea 재이 (Jae-i)
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Chung Ly Tử


  • "Yes, I was planning to leave alone and return one day when I became successful. However, on the day I was leaving, I opened the door and saw this silly girl carrying her luggage and waiting in the yard. That's when I started to think: for such an awesome girl I must do everything I can to give her the amazing life she deserves."
    — Zhong Lizi in 5-5 Meet Royce Again

  • "I will be with her forever, and try my best to make her feel blessed."
    — using Smile.
  • "The styling is too common."
    — using Critical Eye.

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