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Yehai (夜骸) is a devil that appears in Shining Nikki.



Yehai is a devil with purple hair and red eyes. He wears a purple suit and a monocle.



Yehai the devil was originally just a devil skeleton in the Abyss of Darkness. The Goddess of Desire noticed that he was particularly evil compare to the others and took an interest in him. She granted him a full body, and also the name Yehai. Since then, he became a very loyal follower of hers. [1]

After the Goddess of Desire was failed in seducing Lierlide, Yehai suggested that he would create an ultimate puppet of evilness and desire for her to help her in conquering the world. Hence, he started to collect all the viciousness and lust in the world and finally made them into one puppet. However, the end product was actually an extremely pure, innocent and kind doll. Yehai was so angry that he broke it and threw it into Xingyu Town, where superficial physical beauty ranks above everything. Hence, Huihuicao was born.[2]

However, he and the Goddess of Desire had not abandoned Huihuicao completely. They kept an eye on her and finally on the day of the Xingyu Swan Tournament, he descended when Huihuicao set a fire on the stage. He made a pact with Huihuicao, giving her irresistible beauty in exchange for her soul and that her desire would never be satisfied.

After he transformed Huihuicao to Lilith (Character) with the power of the Goddess, he assisted her in becoming the Queen of Ninier and stayed by her side as her butler. When the reelection approached, he stole the Holy Crystal from Pigeon Kingdom and the manuscripts of Lierlide from Nikki and Loen. With Lilith, the three of them together formed the key to open the Abyss. The Goddess of Desire finally was able to enter Miraland as herself. With the help of Lierlide, her friends and the player, Nikki finally was able to defeat the Goddess. The Abyss has closed again. The Goddess was trapped there again and Yehai disappeared from Miraland. [3]

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Lilith Edit

Even though Yehai created Huihuicao/Lilith himself, he was later truly attracted by Lilith and her evil ways and hence swore complete loyalty to her.

Etymology Edit

"Ye" (夜) in Chinese means "night", and "Hai" (骸) means "wreck, skeleton".


References Edit

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