Xmas Worldwide

Ran from December 24th to December 26th, 2017.

Starting from 5 am server time on December 24th, players will receive a letter containing a gift from a different server every hour after you log in. If you log in at 5 am, the last letter will be sent at 12 o’clock server time. Log in before December 26th 11:59 pm server time for at least 7 hours to receive all 8 gifts.


  1. Round Panda Face
    — Gift from the Simplified Chinese server
  2. Lucerne Leaf
    — Gift from the Korean server
  3. Sunny Bay
    — Gift from the English/French server
  4. Dessert Box
    — Gift from the Traditional Chinese server
  5. Water-color Pearl
    — Gift from the Thai server
  6. Round Glasses
    — Gift from the Japanese server
  7. Silent Snow Fall
    — Gift from the Vietnamese server
  8. Seaside Bow
    — Gift from the Southeast Asia English server
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