The Xmas Worldwide event ran from December 24th to 26th, 2017.

How to Play Edit

Starting from 5am ,server time, on December 24th, players will receive a letter containing a gift from a different server every hour after logging in.

If the player logged in at 5am, the last letter will be sent at 12 o'clock, server time.

Log in before December 26th 11:59pm, server time, for at least 7 hours to receive all 8 gifts.


  1. Round Panda Face
    — Gift from the Simplified Chinese server
  2. Lucerne Leaf
    — Gift from the Korean server
  3. Sunny Bay
    — Gift from the English/French server
  4. Dessert Box
    — Gift from the Traditional Chinese server
  5. Water-color Pearl
    — Gift from the Thai server
  6. Round Glasses
    — Gift from the Japanese server
  7. Silent Snow Fall
    — Gift from the Vietnamese server
  8. Seaside Bow
    — Gift from the Southeast Asian server
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