Xiao Zong is a character in Love Nikki. He is an immortal man from the Cloud Empire.


Appearance Edit

Xiao Zong has long, wild white hair with black streaks. He has a rogue-like look and wears a smirk, and he looks young for his age.


Xiao Zong, being immortal, takes a carefree and often chaotic approach to life. However, he became bored with travelling and drinking all day, and wished for many years to be inspired by somebody and teach them. After meeting Zhu Yuxian and involving himself with Zhu Yuxian and Ming Shuiyuan's relationship, he believed that life was too interesting to give up on.[4]


Xiao Zong designed the following:


Past Edit

Xiao Zong's immortality meant he used to spend his infinite days doing things like getting drunk and practicing swordsmanship for fun. He wandered around Miraland trying to find meaning to his life, but everything seemed the same to him.[4]

One day he met a boy in whom he saw great potential. For a long period of time, Xiao Zong tried his best to support the boy, but one day he received a letter from the boy. He had given up on life due to love, which disappointed Xiao Zong. For sixty years after this, Xiao Zong stayed in the Flower Field of Cloud, hoping he would find somebody who would inspire him. As time passed, he relied more upon material things to fill his mind.[4]

Year 673 Edit

Xiao Zong met Zhu Yuxian in the Flower Field during this year, and the two formed a strong bond. Their meeting was described as similar to how "heroes [meet] in legends", and together they often played go. Xiao Zong gave Zhu Yuxian a pair of silver orioles which could be used as messengers. Zhu Yuxian gave Xiao Zong's life meaning again, and he left the flower field.[4][6]

He tried to teach Yuxian how to erase his own memories, but he did not believe he had the potential to do it. However, Xiao Zong was proven wrong when Zhu Yuxian stabbed Ming Shuiyuan. Xiao Zong stepped in to save her, as he wanted her to continue to associate with Zhu Yuxian and tell an "interesting story".[4] After saving her, they talked for a long while, with her apparently unsuspecting of his true intentions.[7]

Year 680 Edit

Xiao Zong climbed the Misty Peaks one morning, drinking, when he happened upon two soldiers. They told him he couldn't be there and one tried to stab him with his sword, but he easily deflected the attack and turned it around, killing the soldier. Xiao Zong suppressed the flare he tried to send out and told the dying officer not to interrupt, as it "was nearly time".[1]

All of a sudden, light came from the direction of Jinlin Palace and shot into the sky, indicating the Empress of Cloud performing a ceremony. Xiao Zong let out a fanatical laugh and remarked that they didn't disappoint him.[1]


Zhu Yuxian Edit

Zhu Yuxian and Xiao Zong quickly became "bosom friends" after first meeting in the Flower Field. This first meeting was said to be similar to how heroes meet in legends.[6]

Xiao Zong finds Zhu Yuxian to be incredibly unique and refreshing, exceeding all of his expectations and causing him to finally leave the Flower Field after many years.[4] They drank and played go together, and Xiao Zong was surprised to enjoy even losing to him.[6] Xiao Zong also taught him how to erase his own memories.[4]

Xiao Zong also gifted Zhu Yuxian a pair of silver orioles. The pair of birds could always find each other, and they could be used as messengers.[6]

King Sayet Edit

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Name by Server Edit

Version Name (Romanized)
International International (English) Xiao Zong
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 萧纵 (Xiāo Zòng)
Korean Flag South Korea 소종 (So Jong)
Vietnam Flag Vietnam Tiêu Tung


Trivia Edit

  • There is some evidence that Xiao Zong may be the same character as the Ancient Pavilion Designer. This evidence includes the fact that both Xiao Zong and the Ancient Pavilion Designer are described as King Sayet's senior, and the fact that their timelines both indicate that they spent many years in the Flower Field of Cloud, ending in the year 673. However, the Ancient Pavilion Designer died in the year 673 while Xiao Zong is still alive in the year 680. The story has not acknowledged this one way or the other.

References Edit

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