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The brilliant sunshine and refreshing sea wind of Wintermount just took her breath away upon the first sight. She can't help playing her Ukulele and dancing in the summer night.

Wonderful Holidays is an Apple suit that appeared in a permanent Log-in Event that started August 28th, 2017. It can also be bought in the Clothes Store.

Completion Prize: 30 Diamonds.

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Item Descriptions[]

The first time she came to Wintermount, she fell love into the seaside city.
Bright Sunshine

In this famous resort, people come to visit here from all over the world.

She enjoys walking under the sunshine while talking to the tourists.

When the day begins, she dresses up and keeps the journey. She expects the next meeting of surprise.
Sunrise at Sea

When the sea surges, she chases the waves, leaving a happy series of footprints.
Golden Beach

The palm leaves with flowers are the best evidence of this city's warmth and romance.
Palms and Flowers

A gift from local people. It's coral from the seabed.
Submarine Coral

She gently feeds the birds, afraid of the sound of rings will scare them away.
Sunset at Sea

She played the ukulele and sang the song of hometown. The joy touches everyone.

With the music, she dances in the summer night. To meet her makes the whole trip vivid.
Romantic Palms


The suit is about a girl who fell in love with the coastal Lilith town of Wintermount the first time she visited. She spends each day chasing waves, walking under the sunshine, singing and playing her ukelele, and feeding the birds. At night, she dances along to the music: an unforgettable sight for anyone who comes to visit.

Despite the suit being categorized under Apple, the suit makes no mention of anything Apple, only Wintermount, which is in Lilith.