Wonder Museum Event

Ran from April 20th to April 24th, 2018.

Pigeon National Museum has brought a new ancient fossil exhibition.

There will be an event map with 5 stages. Three will be styling battle stages and the other two will be quiz stages. Complete these stages to earn Amber Fossils Amber Fossil.

Use the Amber Fossil to draw in the event pavilion, Souvenir Store. Each draw will unlock a piece of the puzzle and give a reward like Gold, Stamina, Pavilion of Fantasy Ticket, or parts of the Back to Prehistory and Ancient Fossil Hall sets. When you unlock all of the puzzle pieces, you will get a Super Rare item for free. After claiming the item, a new puzzle will appear with more pieces, but it will cost more Amber Fossil to draw.

Suit parts will not drop repeatedly

Note: This event will come back. Any leftover Amber Fossil will be saved.

Souvenir StoreEdit


The first puzzle will be a 3x3 square. Each draw will cost 40 Amber Fossil. The second puzzle will have 7 more squares in the top left and each draw will cost 60 Amber Fossil. The final puzzle will be a 5x5 square and each draw will cost 90 Amber Fossil.

Super RareEdit


Video Edit

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