Wonder Magic Event

Ran from May 15 to May 21, 2019.

December Troupe has come with a new work Magic of Mannie. Under the cover of recruiting people, Sofia and Hiber are looking for the clues of King Sayet's work, Autumn in Wind Valley... join a group and complete quests to win exquisite suits.

Join either the Rose or Camellia faction in order to determine which currency is used for which suit. Complete various tasks to obtain Magic Pages Magic Pages and increase your Tasks Completed count to unlock pieces of the Apprentice Wizard and Lost Spell suits. Each time you complete a task, you gain 5 Magic Pages and one task completed. Each task can be completed one time per day, and the player can buy one reset for 10 Diamond.

Factions cannot be changed once chosen. Tokens will be cleared after event ends.

Rose Faction Edit

Rose Chant: A great theatre can never miss quality scenery. With the support of appropriate background and prop, a play could be more fascinating. Join Rose to help Sofia prepare the props and help build a better stage effect!

Suits Edit

Apprentice Wizard Edit

Lost Spell Edit

Stages Edit

Scout in Black MarketEdit

  • Style: Lively, Simple, Cute, Pure, Cool
  • Opponent: Passerby
    • Base score: 27,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 3, Critical Eye 8, Picky Immune 5, Picky Bounce 2

There is a black market around. Wear something low-profile to scout.

  • Sofia: I need a further discussion about the story with Hiber...
  • I: Hello, I heard that the scenic props need some help.
  • Sofia: Yeah, glad to have more helpers.
  • I: (Whisper) Lady Sofia looks more beautiful on a close look.
  • Sofia: I'm flattered.
  • Sofia: The story involves several countries, so the scenery needs to highlight these countries.
  • I: Sure, I'll see to it.
  • Sofia: Wait, actually I have another secret task for you.
  • I: A secret task?
  • Sofia: Not far away from the material market is a secret black market. I hope you can check out the whereabouts of the King Sayet's work, Autum in Wind Valley.
  • I: May I know why?
  • Sofia: Just let me keep the secret. Oh, do remember to wear inconspicuous clothes before you go.

Test of Scenic DesignEdit

Scenic design is very professional. Knowledge of prop and materials are necessary.

Investigate Black MarketEdit

When scouting in black market, even the simplest thing could mean something. Better write it down.

Camellia Faction Edit

Camellia: Characterization requires not only the skill of the actor, but also becoming costume and makeup. Join Camellia to help Hiber prepare costumes for the show and revive the role!

Suits Edit

Apprentice Wizard Edit

Lost Spell Edit

Stages Edit

Network of DesignersEdit

  • Style: Simple, Pure, Elegant, Cute, Cool
  • Opponent: Passerby
    • Base score: 27,000
    • Beat by: 5,000 for B‑rank, 10,000 for A‑rank, 20,000 for S‑rank
    • Skills: Smile 6, Critical Eye 4, Picky Immune 8, Gift 1

There is a network in designers. Wear simple clothes to win their favors.

  • Hiber: We should hurry up on these costumes...
  • I: Miss... Miss Hiber? Why are you here?
  • Hiber: Surprised? I'm invited by Sofia to play in the Magic of Magi.
  • I: That so. I'm expecting it!
  • Hiber: Thanks.
  • I: Oh, I heard the costume team needs some help.
  • Hiber: You have come at the right time. Can you go talk with the designers? We need some changes.
  • I: Sure, I'm going now!
  • Hiber: Oh, one more thing. Can you do me a favor when you talk with them?
  • I: Of course, what is it?
  • Hiber: I got a friend who's really interested in the Autumn in Wind Valley, a King Sayet's work. Would you ask about it and see where it goes?
  • I: Got it.
  • Hiber: Wait, wear simple clothes. That will win you the favor of the designers.

Costume ProductionEdit

Costume is important in characterization. Look closely into it.

Investigate DesignersEdit

King Sayet is a well-known designer and his work is always the focus. Write down the clues.

Requests Edit

Submit clothing to complete the quest.

Note: Submitting clothing will not remove it from your inventory.

Clothing Amount needed
Baby Face 2
Transfer Student-Brown 1
Kerchief-Blue 2
Dream Seeker 1
European Hat-Blue 1
Tea Time 1
Citrus 1
White Belt 3
Legal Belle 1
Transfer Student-Brown 1
Purple Bowtie 1


Q. What's not included in scenic design?
A. Audience Area
Q. Which effect cannot be reached by scenic design?
A. Make grilled fish yummy
Q. In the theatre, what's the place performers wait for their cues?
A. Backstage
Q. What does forced perspective scenic design help to build?
A. Space
Q. What's not usually involved in scenic design?
A. Cook
Q. What does not influence the quality of prop?
A. Theatre
Q. What would be more becoming when staging a Wasteland story?
A. Dessert
Q. What's not a kind of scenery?
A. Momo
Q. What's the crew responsible for the preparation of props?
A. Prop Master
Q. What's the place before a stage where the musicians perform?
A. Orchestra pit
Q. What's the eariliest opera?
A. Dafne
Q. What does not necessarily influence the costume designed?
A. Height of Designer
Q. What's not included in costume design?
A. Curtain
Q. What is not a part of costume design?
A. Celebrate picnic
Q. What's not a part to produce a costume?
A. First aid
Q. Which ability is not valued by the costume design?
A. Puzzle solving
Q. Which material is usually used in a female costume?
A. Gauze
Q. During the costume design, whom does a designer not have to communicate with?
A. Prop Kitten
Q. For a play happens in Cloud Empire, what pattern would be best?
A. Auspicious Cloud
Q. What's the purpose of costume design?
A. To better the show


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