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Wisteria Atmosphere was previously a Hidden Suit –now a Gallery suit– that could be gained from recharging $0.99 USD twice for a Double Bless during the Diamond Postcard event between March 25th and April 9th, 2019.

Completion Prize: 2,000 Gold.

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Item Descriptions[]

When Emika's wisteria-colored braid flutters in the wind, the figure was caught by the young man.
White Vine

Emika's exclusive skill that mixes the flower bud with fabric gives the lace a special wisteria aroma.
Wisteria Atmosphere

As Emika walks in the flower sea, she calls every flower by its name, like a flower fairy.
Wisteria Vine

The picture comes to the moment of early spring when butterflies wait for the flowers to bloom.
Flower Poem Butterfly

It's said that, put on wisteria hand sleeves and hold a customized bouquet, you will unlock a beautiful date.
Wisteria Hand Sleeves


The suit resumes the story told by Bouquet Bike, which describes Emika, the owner of a flowershop. She knows all the names of the flowers. She also has a special skill in designing that allows her to mix a flower bud with fabric, causing the clothing to be flower-scented.

See also: Bouquet Bike.