Wish of Porcelain White
Wish of Porcelain White
The mousse cake was so sweet, she suddenly felt something, then she looked back and caught the hopeful sight behind her.
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Hidden suit
Color(s): Pink/Black/White
Recolor(s): Blue/Black/White
Obtained by: Stage drops in Volume 2, Chapter 1

Wish of Porcelain White is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from V2: Chapter 1 Ode of Oren.

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Lyle can always spot the silver-hair girl immediately when she appears. 'What do you want today?'
Silver Strand

She always sits at a noticeable spot waiting for his notice. 'A strawberry mousse, thank you~' Jana smiles sweetly.
Thread of Tenderness

Today she looks like a doll. Lyle peeked at her and added more sugar to her mousse, hoping she would like it.
Pink Bubbles Coat

He is as handsome as always. Jana stole a glance at him. How should I praise his work today...
Bubbles Coat

Why is this mousse so sweet. She seems to feel something and as she turns back, she meets his anxious eyes.
Wish of Porcelain White

She turned back and gave him a sweet smile. Obviously she likes it! Lyle is so excited that he wants to yell out.
Sudden Happiness

She walked over, the dots on the gauze flattering lively like the wings of a butterfly, making Lyle entranced.
Bowknot Fantasy

One by one, the desserts turned into exquisite artworks in his hand, his skill absorbing her completely.
Bowknot Dream

He wants to talk to her, but is afraid of being refused. The mixed feelings make his heartbeat speed up.
Clash of Pink and White

The urge to talk to the boy and nervousness to surprise him mixed up and made her heartbeat speed up.
Mixed Feelings

'Are you free after work today?' The girl asked. 'Clap!' 'Lyle! The broken things are deducted from your wages!'
Affection Entwined

I... I... I have time! He hurried to clean the mess on the ground and lowered his head to hide his flushed face.
Imprinted Love Knot

The fluttering pink bowknots and the glistening pearls under the sun create a fantasy dream.
Shiny Sweet Dream

The colorful bow is fluttering, and the pearls on it are shiny in the sun, full of the unspeakable love of a girl.
Song of Soft Dream

Different bowknots seem to be piled together randomly. The shy boy is unconsciously falling into a sweet pitfall.
Sweet Temptation

Different bowknots seem to be piled randomly. The cunning girl is unconsciously indulged in his charming smile.
Natural Temptation

The knot is tied and here their story begins. Clear glass dazzles, reflecting the boy's brave eyes.
Knot of Affection

The knot is tied and here their story begins. Clear glass dazzles, reflecting the girl's brilliant smile.
Knot of Attachment

The suit tells the story of a boy named Lyle and a girl named Jana. The boy works in a dessert shop, which is often visited by the girl. They both have a crush on each other, but are too shy and uncertain to make their feelings known. However, they both keep looking at each other and noticing how the other looks.

Jana asked for a strawberry mousse, and Lyle added extra sugar to it. She noticed it was sweeter than normal, and turned around to give him a smile, which made him excited. As he worked to make more desserts, she had the urge to go over and talk to him; meanwhile, he was too afraid of talking to her, afraid that she wouldn't return his feelings.

She finally got up, her heart beating fast, and asked him if he was free after work. Surprised and embarrassed, Lyle dropped everything he was holding, and was scolded by his boss. However, he told her he had time before going to clean up the things he dropped.

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