Winter Ginkgo is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from Fu Su's Dreamland, Past in Flower Field.

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Goodbye, sweet school. I shall always remember the scene that ginkgo leaves fall.

Clear light, soft rain, and aroma in the air. This is the morning of Pigeon Forest.
Winter Ginkgo

Ginkgo picked up a tree leaf optionally and whistled a happy tune.
Autumn Ginkgo

'Ginkgo, you said ginkgo is no different from other trees. Why do so many people love it?'
Ginkgo Bonsai

Spring Spirit didn't make it to the end of Autumn. Maybe it's the fate of Tree Spirit.
Falling Leaves

Ginkgo picked up a leaf. She wants to offer a surprise to Spring Spirit when the spring comes.
Ginkgo Eardrop

Ginkgo thought a way to keep the beautiful scene forever. She's to design a set to store it.
Ginkgo Choker

From deep Autumn to new spring, after so many trials, Ginkgo finally made an ideal set.
Ginkgo Bracelet

Seeing the clothes on Ginkgo's body, listening to the rustling, Spring Spirit feels like crying.
Ginkgo Booklet

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