Wine Wanderer is a Cloud suit that could have been obtained from August 4th to August 10th, 2018 by recharging $4.99 USD worth of Diamond.png.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Drunk Travel and 25 Diamond.png.

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Item Descriptions[edit | edit source]

The legendary fairy fox came from a holy mountain. It is full of trees and surrounded by fog and cloud around the year.
Wine of Leisure

The Little Fairy Cat likes to disguise as a human and tell people her experiences in man's world.
Drunk Journey

With a leaf in mouth and bamboo hat on head, the little fox hummed its way on the damp grass. It's sunny after raining.
Vagrant Straw Hat

There will be brotherhood with people. You will spot the little fox there. She's from the holy mountain that brings fortune.
Ganghood Story

She decided to write a book about her adventure so that people could follow in her footsteps to see the world.
Adventure Story

The little fox headed for the next rich town with brisk paces, and continued its journey of finding.
Light Geta

Bang! The leaf is a treasure that can change into anything you like!
Magic Cyan Leaf

The little fox remembered she once met a human. She wanted to protect him and gave him fortune and peace in every life.
Loyalty Protection

It was said that Little Fairy Cat had a magical transformation ability. Her favorite was the appearance of an unfettered ninja.
Spell of Fairy Cat

Little Fairy Cat has tasted every alcohol in the world. Why couldn't she find the aroma in her memory?
Cherry Obsession

Collecting people's stories through travel, the storyteller is able to tell people anecdotes.
Secret Baggage

My tail comes out again! How annoying! Little Fairy Cat remembered the smile of the man who saved her.
Leopard Cat's Tail

The rice wine was tasty. The little fox was refreshed after a pot in the winter. 'I will help the host make more money!'
Naive Palm Civet

Little Fairy Cat practices on a greensward surrounded by stones which the fox bring to anywhere it likes through magic.
Magic Cyan Stone

I think I'm a little drunk. Come closer and let me see whether you are the one who saved my life.
Little Fairy Cat

Walking through the vast field and forest, the fairy fox waded down the cool river. It traveled every corner of the continent.
Drunk Travel

Interpretation[edit | edit source]

Wine Wanderer is about a "fairy fox" (actually a raccoon or tanuki) called Little Fairy Cat who came from a holy mountain. She loves to disguise herself as a human and live among them to tell them about her experiences, while also collecting their stories. She travels from town to town, in search of a human who saved her once upon a time. In return, she wants to protect him and bring him fortune and peace. However, she also drinks a lot of wine, which sometimes makes this mission difficult. Still, she kept moving through the world, and even decided to write a book about her experiences so that others could follow in her footsteps.

Little Fairy Cat is referred to in the suit Raccoon On the Move as Divine Li.

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