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Windvale is a tribe in the Republic of Wasteland. It is located inside of the Windvale Forest, sometimes referred to as the Windvalley Forest, and was said to be the location of the Miracle Scroll.[1] The entrance of the forest is blocked with a heavy fog.[2]

History Edit

According to Imm, the archpriest of Whisper, the Whisper tribe has been given the task to protect Windvale for ages, but they do not know what is inside the Windvale forest.[3] She predicted that two groups would attempt to locate the Miracle Scroll in Windvale.[4]

In the year 680, Nikki and her friends, in pursuit of the Miracle Scroll, attempted to enter the Windvale forest. However, they did not end up finding the tribe due to hearing the news of an attack on Cloud.[3]

References Edit

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