The traveler comes from afar. The old song in her mouth stops abruptly in the wind. Find Old Poems for her, listen to the forgotten history, and win exquisite set!

Wind Travel was a stage event that ran from July 15th to July 21st, 2019.

How to Play Edit

Complete stages on an event map with 5 styling battle stages to collect Old Poems Old Poems and claim parts of the Wind Traveler suit and Song Segments. You are given 5 free attempts for each of the 5 stages each day, and can buy 5 attempts for 30 Diamond.


Bard Map

1 - Star Sky TheaterEdit

The garden under the starry sky is the stage of the bards. Get changed with Gorgeous Dress among the glitters of the stars and begin the magic journey in the songs of the bards.

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMatureSexyWarm

2 - Lost MythsEdit

Dew Ocean in the song is home to the wonderful and beautiful mermaids. Maybe it's better to get changed into the sea-matched clothes and explore the Lost Myths next.

  • Style: SimpleLivelyCuteSexyCool

3 - The Song of LegendEdit

Amid the forests where the pigeons rest are stories of elves told. Why not put on the Banquet Dress and join in the Elf Ball by the Lake Bovaly.

  • Style: GorgeousElegantMatureSexyCool

4 - The Snow and the PoemEdit

The cold wind from the Snow Mountain seems to bring the echoes of the dragon's roars. Wear Warm Clothes and check it on against the snow.

  • Style: GorgeousLivelyCuteSexyWarm

5 - Traveler on a JourneyEdit

There is a streak of light in the sky. And the bard feels like going on with the journey. Travel Light, follow the call of the wind and head towards the next country.

  • Style: SimpleLivelyCutePureCool

Collection RewardsEdit

# CollectedReward
120 Old Poems Former Glory
First Night Prelude
260 Old Poems Glorious Youth Photo
Second Night Sharp Sword
410 Old Poems Wind Song
Third Night Throne
590 Old Poems Wandering Note
Fourth Night Instant
790 Old Poems Legendary Anthem
Fifth Night Funeral
1040 Old Poems Traveling Poem
Sixth Night World
1340 Old Poems Troubadour
Seventh Night Memory
1640 Old Poems Daybreak Sound
Eighth Night Judgment
1940 Old Poems Epic Volumes
Ninth Night Past
2150 Old Poems Time Silhouette
Tenth Night Peace

Song SegmentsEdit

First Night Prelude

I am the stray Omilos
From the distant Ferracs
I am summoned by the Wind Goddess
To enchant the poem of old days

I need no gold or silver
The best reward will be the moon and stars
I sing and hum in the evening
No matter whether someone’s listening

I have ten nights to sing songs
Each with a sadder tone
Before my Turtledove Lute is broken
I shall sing these twelve lines alone

Second Night Sharp Sword

When mortal eyes can see the days old
Chaos and disorder have ruled the world
There comes a hero with a sword
Hence light and darkness divided

The sword defies snow and wind
Carries despair and destruction
Takes death and blood
Heralds the end of a long night

Admiration from the seven monarchs
Subjugation to the sharp blades
Without a gown or crown
He is still the uncrowned king

Third Night Throne

A hero has his throne
Over every inch of land
Over mountain and field
Over sea and pond

The hero has not withdrawn his sword
The sinister prophecy has been cashed
Sneak shot! Sneak shot!
On the throne is blood running wild

The hero never turns his back to enemies
It’s the only scar that almost kills
As death kisses his soul
The clock hand stops

Fourth Night Instant

The clock hand stops
The sand suspended in the air
The water about to drip
The world holding its breath

Moonlight beneath the dust
Sunglow in the haze
Wails across the sky
Resonance throughout the Earth

The long-silent clouds
Are building up rumbling thunders
With an instant of lightning
The rain is seen downpouring

Fifth Night Funeral

His fire of life is dying off
His spirit of valor is returning to the void
No monument or tomb
Concealment is the last epitaph

Woods provide shelter for him
Clouds cry rains for him
Winds hum elegies for him
Mountains grow daisies for him

The pigeons carry olives
The squirrels present wreaths
The sun bird crosses over mountains
For the final condolences

Sixth Night World

For him is the world mourning
Of him is the blood burning
The soul that suffers agony
The sword that confines to its sheath

His time is short
Vengeance burns painfully
Cruelty and chaos silenced
Means no wars ever started

The heaven is crying rains
The earth is shaking mountains
The old rules will be overthrown
The new light will be greeted

Seventh Night Memory

Like boiling water cools
Like leaves that fall from branches
Like the setting sun melts away
Deep condolences slip memory

Like drifting clouds dispersing
Like thawing creeks run down
Like falling meteors burn up
Sorrows and remembrances fade away

Like rivers merging with the sea
Like squabs learn hovering
Like seasons keep alternating
People will remember nothing

Eighth Night Judgment

Destiny has never forgotten him
Gifts always have a price
The executioner knows which day
He will die an animal to be slaughtered

The instigator with a glib tongue
Has weaved a web of lies
Only to find himself trapped
And nowhere to hide

The silent people saw everything
They are murderers without acting
Sometime and somewhere
They shall meet their judgement

Ninth Night Past

When the towering mountains return to the seas
When the deserted cities are covered with dust
When the blood-colored sun has drawn the night curtain
The dawn staggers in the shackles

Few eyes can see with hope
Behind are thorns, mists and high walls
Invisible hands are steering the ship
Piloting the hidden fate

The speechless sword
Is lost in the sea of people
The throne that should not have existed
Disappears from before the eyes

Tenth Night Peace

The monster lurking within people
The throat suffocated by the shackles
Iron and blood swallowed
Mirage of security is fantasy

Gorgeous dresses will be truly appreciated
Bustling transports will be bitterly condemned
I only hope once glories will be enchanted
To the glowing clouds that urge me to set sail

The tenth morning is about to come
The distant wind is summoning me
I shall put aside my Turtledove Lute
To let the land restore its peace


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