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The Welkin Tribe has a legend of fate fighter. A warrior on Griffon broke through the shield of wind and swore to change the fate foretold by witch.
— Event text

The Wind Deep Legend event ran from May 1st to 7th, 2018.

How to Play Edit

There were 2 parts for this event.

Part 1 Edit

The first part was a personality quiz. If the player's answers were less than 50% similar to other players, a discount on the Astral Islets suit would be givn.

If the answers were more than 50% similar to other players, a 50% discount on the Wind Deep Legend suit was given.

Part 2 Edit

The second part consisted of completing stages in the event map. There were 5 stages that do not require Stamina to complete. Complete these stages to earnDeep Pearl (Deep Pearls). Exchange the Deep Pearl for parts of the event suits.


Astral IsletsEdit

Total Cost: 2,698Deep Pearl

Wind Deep LegendEdit

Total Cost: 2,698Deep Pearl


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