White Masquerade is a Pigeon suit that appeared in the Dreamy Nocturne Event and can now be obtained through Recipe Crafting.

Completion Prize: A Styling Gift Box containing Fall into Dream and 30 Diamonds.

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Item Descriptions[edit | edit source]

Before meeting him, Ophelia has never imagined about the happiness that only appears only stories.
Taboo Love

The young man in mask passed by the witch. She appeared in front of him like a delicate butterfly.
Ball in Night

The daughter of a teacher, Ophelia, is like a lively small butterfly. But the love only brings contempt.

Her eyes are like stars, her body lily flower. The white hemline seems to glimmer to her pace.
Petals on Ground

The witch brought her a gift of hope. Before she realized, the witch is already gone.
White Feather Gift

When the ball ends, the power of the mask faded away, the butterfly fell, and the illusion was gone.
Illusion Mask

Even the end is to nowhere, they are still the perfect couple at this moment.
Eternity in an Instant

The hidden aroma spreads around Ophelia. She seems to walk out of a halo of moonlight and towards him.
Fragrant Scarf

Beautiful butterfly, to the fire you fly. The flame licks her fragile wings. I am you, and you're me.
Moth to Fire

She tried to hide her affection but couldn't help indulge herself in it. Enjoy before you wake up.
Fall into Dream

In the new environment, looking at the young faces, she is full of hope for the future.
Dream Talk

As the goal is set in the heart, the steps forward will never stop even there is hesitation.
A Different Life

In the long journey of life, what will stay in mind will be those clear and clean moments only.
Journey Echo

Interpretation[edit | edit source]

The item descriptions of White Masquerade are heavily integrated with Butterfly Shade, the two suits giving each other more context. Thus, in the following interpretation, the description of Butterfly Shade is also taken into consideration, focusing on Ophelia.

Taking place in the Pigeon Forest, Ophelia was a commoner who fell in love with a noble young man. Before meeting him, she never imagined the happiness that was told only in the stories. Being the daughter of a teacher, the item description Ophelia says that she "is like a lively small butterfly".

After receiving help from the witch (in form of some kind of feather), she went to the masquerade. There, she approached the masked young man, appearing like a delicate butterfly before him. Based on Petals on Ground, it is safe to say that she was beautiful, wearing a dress with a shining white hemline. While she tried to hide her affection she couldn't help but indulge herself; even if time was fleeting, they were the perfect couple at that moment.

Indicated in Fragrant Scarf and Illusion Mask, hidden aroma and illusory power might be part of the witch's "gift". Regardless, Ophelia's happy moment ended when the ball ended. In the end, the man was engaged to a princess, and the girl disappeared thereafter.

See also: Butterfly Shade.

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