Welton is the capital of the Apple Federation.[3] Apple's government is located here, as well as the headquarters for the Amphithea Group[4] and major Apple groups such as the Apple Federation Apparel Group. It is known as a place where you can buy any clothing that is in style.[5]

History Edit

Welton was named after President Welton, the first president.[5]

Before the year 668, the chairman of the Apple Apparel Group, Chairman Schiller, designed a beautiful dress called White Blossom for his wife. In the City Square of Welton, he dedicated the dress to her one night. All of the lights in Welton went out, and the white cherry blossom trees shone in the starlight, reflecting on the dress.[6]

Year 680 Edit

Reid and Charles held an auction called the White Blossom Banquet in Welton, showcasing the dress White Blossom. Kimi attended in disguise with Nikki, Momo, and Bobo, and during the auction the White Blossom was stolen.[7] After the theft, the Apple Federal police arrived and questioned the people at the banquet for evidence, but no trace of the dress could be found.[8]

Nikki and her friends decided to try and locate Joe, who they hoped could provide some answers. As they were walking, they heard sirens from another street and a helicopter traveling between buildings. The helicopter landed next to the Apple Apparel Group's head building. They went to investigate, and Sofia got out and gave Kimi White Blossom in a suitcase. Sofia revealed that Hiber had been hired by Reid to steal the dress, but that she had stolen it back from Hiber.[9]


Shade breaking into the Apple Apparel Group building

In the Apple Apparel Group building, Kimi discovered that her father had not been kidnapped, but rather had been sent to Losol by Charles. Charles and Reid arrived, and Kimi nearly got shot by a notorious assassin named Shade.[10] Orlando faced off against Shade, but recognized him as his best friend from military academy, Flynn. Charles made a last effort to escape with White Blossom, but Shade killed him, took the dress, and left.[11]

Midnight Escape Event Edit

A thief called Curt rumored to steal secrets and hearts was predicted to appear in Welton one night. Welton's police began to look for Curt, but their Search Officer Doris went missing. Orlando assisted the Welton police department in trying to find her while leaving Nikki and her friends in the city.[12]

Bobo wanted to meet Curt, and in their search for him they came across Gray Raven, who claimed to know where Curt was. They started to follow him, but Orlando appeared, saying that Doris had captured Curt. Gray Raven quickly escaped via helicopter, telling them that Curt could not be contained. After he left, they found out that Doris actually ran off with Curt.[12]

Locations Edit

City Square Edit

City Square

City Square is Welton's hub of activity, located in the center of the city. It has a huge glass dome,[5] a large screen,[12][13] and white cherry blossom trees.[6] There is also a modern street lined with many shops, all competing for attention. It's considered a dream of many designers to have their designs showcased here.[5]

Chairman Schiller of the Apple Apparel Group dedicated the dress White Blossom to Kimi's mother in City Square. All of the lights in Welton went out, and she wore the dress there in the night, with the white cherry blossoms shining in the starlight.[6] The words "Lifetime Love" are also carved in City Square.[14]

During the Midnight Escape event, Curt hijacked the screen in City Square to announce a plot to steal hearts.[12]

Rawding Academy Edit

Main article: Rawding Academy

Rawding Academy is a design school that is considered the best in Apple Federation. Many notable designers and stylists attended, including Kimi.[15]

Children's House Edit

The Children's House is likely an orphanage and school located in Welton. It is run by a woman named Amanda.[16] During her career, Lady Crescent spent a lot of time volunteering there. Around Christmastime each year until the year 668, she, Schiller, and Kimi went to visit and help out with decorating and fireworks, and Lady Crescent baked cakes for the children.[14]

After Lady Crescent's passing, Kimi continued to visit the Children's House when she had time and kept up a friendship with the children there.[16]

Hosa Edit

Hosa is a famous art neighborhood in Welton, known as the "pearl of Welton".[17] It's a gathering place for young artist and contains many galleries and studios, and the walls there are graffitied with characteristic patterns.[5] Joe owns an outdoors art gallery with an office in Hosa, where he hid in order to prevent from being kidnapped in the year 680.[18]

Library Edit

The Welton City Library is the largest library in all of Apple. According to Debbie, it is open all year to the public and is always kept well-stocked.[19]

Design Summit Edit

The Design Summit is a venue that showcases up-and-coming stars.[5]

Welton Hotel Edit

The Welton Hotel is a resplendent hotel which hosts an annual charity banquet attended by political and commercial elites. In the year 680, Kimi hosted the event in order to talk with politicians who could help save her father.[20]

Orlando's Manor Edit

Orlando has a manor on the outskirts of Welton, though he doesn't usually live there, instead living in an apartment in the middle of Welton. However, he does have parties there from time to time. His butler and his cat, Mr. Lancelot, do live there.[1]

The manor is near a forest and a lake, and has a peaceful atmosphere. In addition to being very secluded,[1] it also has a robust security system. On the top floor is Orlando's weapon room, where he also keeps secure files.[21][22]

No. 7 Exchange Edit

The No. 7 Exchange is an illegal drug hub controlled by the Mercury Group. It is located in a renowned cocktail club, and the drugs are kept deep in the underground section.[23][24]

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Apple Federal

Name by Server Edit

Version Name (Romanized)
International International (English) Welton
France Flag International (French) Welton
Chinese Flag China (Simplified) 威尔顿 (Wēi ěr dùn)
Taiwanese Flag Hong Kong Flag Macau Flag Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau (Traditional) 威爾頓 (Wēi ěr dùn)
Japanese Flag Japan ウィルトン (U~iruton)
Korean Flag South Korea 윌턴 (Wilteon)
Singapore Flag Southeast Asia (English) Welton

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