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Watermelon Party (previously called Watermelon Skirt) is the 33rd Monthly Sign-In suit. It appears in the Gallery section of the Collection.

Completion Prize: 2,000 Gold

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  • Hair: Twin Curls
  • Dress: Watermelon Skirt
  • Hosiery: Melon Seeds Socks
  • Shoes: Watermelon Shoes
  • Hair Ornament: Watermelon Hat
  • Earrings: Melon Ear Studs

Additional Items[]

  • Handheld (Right): Melon Bag


Item Descriptions[]

Apple's biggest supermarket is on sale! Momo covets grilled fish, but Nikki is attracted by the girl in fruit area.
Twin Curls

It's hot in summer, come to pick a big, sweet and cool watermelon! Oh, this is my dress, not a watermelon!'
Watermelon Skirt

Momo is fascinated with the design of melon seeds and asks Nikki to design socks with grilled fish pattern.
Melon Seeds Socks

With watermelon decoration, even normal shoes become chic. Nikki feels like she has mastered a new skill.
Watermelon Shoes

The highlight of watermelon hat is the revealed red pulp, luring people to take a bite of the summer time.
Watermelon Hat

Wear a piece of melon on ears and loveliness is perfectly increased. Which girl can resist it?
Melon Ear Studs

Nikki, we're here to buy grilled fish! Why did you buy so many watermelons?'
Melon Bag


The suit is about Nikki and Momo going to Apple's biggest supermarket and picking out a watermelon during a summer sale.


  • The additional items are not available through the Monthly Sign-In, but belong with the suit.