Warm Winter[1] is a Hidden Suit that can be obtained from V1: Chapter 17 Banquet of Sakura Fall.

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You may find one four-leaf clover in ten thousand clovers; how likely is it that you'll find me in billions of people?

You may find one four-leaf clover in ten thousand clovers; if I'm an ordinary one, how likely is it that you'll find me?

Timi was thinking about the day when she first met the upperclassman as she designed this dress. She blushed.

There is a photo of Timi with a shy and gentle smile in the wallet of the senior. That was taken on the first day they met.

The sunlight in winter was so warm that I couldn't help hugging it, but when I opened my arms, I touched you.
Winter Love-Top

If bright sunlight is the best for winter, your kindness is the best for me.
Winter Love-Bottom

You are like a ray of sunshine, that lit up my gloomy heart and drove away the dense haze, and melted my almost frozen heart.
Warm Winter Love-Shoe

The apparel of the highest price sold in the history of Apple Auction was not designed by the famous designer King Sayet.
Simple Headband

It gets warm under the sunlight of warm winter. Many people encounter, continuing their stories...
Warm Winter Partner

Nikki got a pair of earrings on the Apple Federation sales promotion. She could finally put them on in winter!
Warm Winter Earrings

This satchel really matches winter. Its fluffy style is quite cute, but it is also easy to get dirty!
Warm Winter Satchel

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  • It is not possible to actually wear this suit, as it contains both a dress and a top; which conflict.

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  1. The name Warm Winter is unofficial, as there was no name given by the game or official account.

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