Walking on Thin Ice-Mist
Walking on Thin Ice-Mist
She's been away for so long that she finds it strange. What's in there except for the bell in the auditorium?
Physical and Vital Information
Type: Shoes
Attributes: Mature Sexy
Rarity: H5
Color(s): Grey/Bronze
Wardrobe #: 1428
Obtained by: Customization

Walking on Thin Ice-Mist can be obtained through the Customization of Walking on Thin Ice.


A pair of blueish grey boots with a bronze stripe down the front. The sole of he shoe is also bronze. Just below the ankle there is a wide strip of golden metal with four rivets attached to the side of the shoe with what looks like a giant gold screw. The top of these boots is folded down to form a cuff and has a brown knitted sock peeking out the top. There is a brown belt under the cuff and some golden gears on the cuff itself.


Gallery SuitEdit

Walking on Thin Ice-Mist is part of an alternative version of the North suit Memory Gear.

The other parts of this suit are Cedrus Deodara Needle-Mist, Gear Fantasy-Mist, Steam Castle-Mist, Rivet Dance-Mist, Woolen Hat with Goggles-Mist, Traceless Snow-Mist, Mechanicalism-Mist, Time Machine-Mist and Within Reach-Mist.

The original version of the suit contains Cedrus Deodara Needle, Gear Fantasy, Steam Castle, Rivet Dance, Walking on Thin Ice, Woolen Hat with Goggles, Traceless Snow, Mechanicalism, Time Machine and Within Reach.


Gorgeous Elegant Mature Sexy Warm
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