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The Supersonic Hemis has broken into Ruin and Kaiser, a virtual singer developed by human is fighting her. Listen to the showdown and gain delicate suit!
— Event text

Void Singer was a stage event that ran from March 21st to 27th, 2018.

How to Play Edit

Prior to the event, players would take a personality quiz. Depending on their answers, the players could get a 50% discount on either the Nebula Echo or Cosmos Sound suit.

There was an event map with 5 stages. Complete the stages to get Dimension Cube (Dimension Cubes). A different amount was given depending on the letter score. 5 free attempts were given for each stage daily, and could be reset for 30 Diamond.

Suits Edit

Nebula Echo Edit

Total Cost: 2,698 Dimension Cube

Cosmos Sound Edit

Total Cost: 2,698 Dimension Cube

Video Edit

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