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As spring returns, everything regains vigor. On the Sunday after full moon, people will paint eggs of new birth.
— Event text

The Vernal Verse event first ran from March 31st to April 6th, 2018.
It then returned for a second season from April 17th to 23rd, 2019.

How to Play[]

Draw to receive parts of the Spring Fantasia set or Easter-themed accessories. The accessories form a hidden suit, Shiny Spring.

The first draw was 50% off at 30 Diamonds and the following draws at full price for 60 Diamonds each.

Spring Fantasia[]

  • Hair: Flowing Flower Shadow
  • Dress: Spring Caprice
  • Hosiery: Cloud Marshmallow
  • Shoes: Sweet Cannon
  • Veil: Fragrant Karma
  • Earrings: Colorful Secret
  • Necklace: Magic Story
  • Gloves: Sprout
  • Handheld (Right): Easter Egg Game
  • Foreground: Dream Bringer
  • Background: Easter Rabbit
  • Head Ornament: Luck Bringer
  • Ground: Egg Painting
  • Makeup: Maiden's Wonder
  • Posed Dress: Spring Fantasia

Easter-themed Items[]

  • Handheld (Right): Carrot Umbrella
  • Bottom: Fluffy Shorts
  • Hair Ornament: Gray Rabbit Ear
  • Necklace: Overflowing Spring
  • Shoes: Rabbit Race
  • Hair: New Birth
  • Handheld (Left): Festival Egg
  • Top: Shiny Spring