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Chapter 5 Secret and Withered Flower
Chapter 6 Part II Darkness Comes

Last Dawn is the first part of the sixth chapter of the second volume from the story mode of Love Nikki.


Stage Style Maiden Drops Princess Drops
V2: 6-1 The Missing Page Simple.pngElegant.pngCute.pngPure.pngWarm.png

Vast Sky

Fate Harmony

V2: 6-2 Long Time Ago N/A

Gray Trench Coat,
Sky Opera (S-drop)

Fleeting Starlight

V2: 6-3 Envoy from Lilith Gorgeous.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngWarm.png Chinese Classical.png

Gray Wide Leg Pants

Matte Silver Dream

V2: 6-S1 Book Girl at Flower Shop Simple.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png

Above the Cloud,
Airplane Handbag (S-drop)

Astral Fate

V2: 6-S2 Lost Diviner Girl Gorgeous.pngElegant.pngCute.pngPure.pngWarm.png

Glorious Airway-Golden

Midnight Glory

V2: 6-S3 Encounter Mayor Gorgeous.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png

Triangle Maze

Mysterious Prophecy

V2: 6-S4 Challenge of Fantasy Envoy Gorgeous.pngLively.pngCute.pngSexy.pngCool.png

Sharp Wind

Radiant Trace

Target Suits[]

The magic grass juice dripped down on the old design and revealed a piece of the puzzle; Is the answer hiding in the chest of the Royal City...

Chapter Summary[]

Nikki, Ace, and Momo investigate a mysterious clue left behind in Bobo's abandoned house, and Ace tells them a story that has been buried by history: the story of the Enlightened.

Main Stages[]

V2: 6-1 The Missing Page[]

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V2: 6-Side Story 1 Revealed Words[]

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V2: 6-2 Long Time Ago[]

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V2: 6-Side Story 2 The Erased One[]

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V2: 6-3 Envoy from Lilith[]

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S-rank Stages[]

The S-rank stages of the chapter do not take place after the end of the chapter, but rather after V2: 6-2 Long Time Ago. They only require completing three stages of the chapter (6-1, 6-2, and 6-3).

V2: 6-S1 Book Girl at Flower Shop[]

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V2: 6-S2 Lost Diviner Girl[]

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V2: 6-S3 Encounter Mayor[]

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V2: 6-S4 Challenge of Fantasy Envoy[]

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