Chapter 3 Starlight· Reflection
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Silent Forest is the fourth chapter of the second volume from the story mode of Love Nikki.

Plot Edit

Nikki finally escapes from Shadow City with the Iron Rose, alongside the guardians of the Forest Epics, Elaine and Rachel. However, after being bitten by the Lord of Kindred Cesare, Prince Chloris is weak, and he falls unconscious when the group is mysteriously attacked by a shower of bamboo. They leap into action to come up with a way to save Chloris, but there's no easy answer: the Tree of Life in Pigeon Forest no longer bears the fruit that could revive him, and the Dwarf elder that might be able to help is in a deep sleep of his own. Elaine shows them the memory of the Tree of Life while they discuss their options.

With no better plan, they decide to head towards the Dwarven city anyways, but just when they're about to return to the present from the memory, Nikki is separated from her friends and sent to a mysterious bamboo forest. It's there that Xiao Zong, a white-haired man with unprecedented styling power, makes her a dangerous request she literally can't refuse: he'll save her friends and Chloris if she returns to the Nine-Day War and retrieves the lost relic of King Sayet.

Stages Edit

V2: 4-1 Forest's Morning Edit

V2: 4-2 Light Rain Edit

(The story following this is 4-Side Story 1 Ace's Trouble.)

V2: 4-3 Elven Star Edit

(The story following this is 4-Side Story 2 Forest's Guests.)

V2: 4-4 Inside the Stele Edit

V2: 4-5 Bamboo And Sword Edit

V2: 4-6 Red Edit

(The story following this is 4-Side Story 3 Decision.)

V2: 4-7 Predicament Edit

NOTE: The player will automatically lose the first styling battle.

V2: 4-S1 Special Manner Edit

  • Possible Drop: Daydream (Maiden), Blurred View (Princess)
  • Style: Simple Sexy
  • Key Words: simple and sexy style
  • Style Notes: Simple, Lively, Mature, Sexy, Cool

V2: 4-S2 Debbie's Trouble Edit

V2: 4-S3 Where to Go Edit

  • Possible Drop: Naughty Bow, Afternoon Tea (Maiden), Dawn Breaker (Princess)
  • Style: Gorgeous Elegant
  • Key Words: gorgeous and elegant pigeon gowns
  • Style Notes: Gorgeous, Elegant, Mature, Sexy, Warm

Extra Content Edit

V2: 4-Side Story 1 Ace's Trouble Edit

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V2: 4-Side Story 2 Forest's Guests Edit

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V2: 4-Side Story 3 Decision Edit

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Target Suit Edit

It's said that a dwarf chief in long dormancy at Stone City Plata is the oldest being in Miraland. Maybe he knows the answer Nikki seeks.

Navigation Edit

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