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Chapter 9 Stardust Remains

Visitors from the Nation of Sci-Fi is the tenth chapter of the second volume from the story mode of Love Nikki.


Stage Style Maiden Drops Princess Drops
V2: 10-1 Sudden Chaos Simple.pngLively.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png

Oreo Girl

Concise Psalm

V2: 10-2 About Isolated Island Gorgeous.pngLively.pngMature.pngSexy.pngWarm.png Future.png

Wit Bear Ears,
Sweet Hair Clippings (S-drop)

Moon Attachment

V2: 10-3 Virtual Space Gorgeous.pngElegant.pngMature.pngPure.pngCool.png Britain.png

Vintage Pigtails

Academic Career,
Lotus Picking (S-drop)

V2: 10-4 Questions and Answers Gorgeous.pngElegant.pngMature.pngSexy.pngCool.png Traditional.png

Bear Honey Bucket

Autumn Sun,
Flower by Water (S-drop)

V2: 10-5 Unknown Path Simple.pngElegant.pngCute.pngPure.pngWarm.png

Velvet Deep Autumn,
Wheat Ripple Forest (S-drop)

Ride the Waves,
Passionate Warm Soup (S-drop)

V2: 10-6 Bearer of Hope Gorgeous.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png Dryad.png

Fragrant Rich and Crisp,
Meet by Chance (S-drop)

Gentle Intention

V2: 10-7 New Journey Simple.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngWarm.png

Same Color Enthusiast,
Wind Drop Roll (S-drop)

Newborn Summer Lotus,
Immature Writing (S-drop)

V2: 10-S1 Sea and Adventure Simple.pngLively.pngCute.pngPure.pngCool.png Navy.png

Vanilla Filling,
Little Petal Pearl (S-drop)

Warm Velvet Care,
Clear Moon Water (S-drop)

V2: 10-S2 Grilled Fish Guardian Simple.pngElegant.pngCute.pngPure.pngWarm.png Apron.png

Pleated Skirt,
Honey Color Print (S-drop)

Light Graceful Steps,
Dull Practice (S-drop)

V2: 10-S3 Loyal Seeker Simple.pngLively.pngCute.pngSexy.pngCool.png

Trace in Wilderness,
Trend Partner (S-drop)

Sweet Dream Origin,
Glaze Ice Heart (S-drop)

Target Suits[]

Through the elaborately designed electronic device, it felt as if we were at the real Ruin Island. Technology had helped mankind achieved fantasies that previously existed only in books. Could it also help mankind escape from the fate of destruction?

Chapter Summary[]

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Main Stages[]

V2: 10-1 Sudden Chaos[]

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V2: 10-2 About Isolated Island[]

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V2: 10-3 Virtual Space[]

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V2: 10-4 Questions and Answers[]

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V2: 10-5 Unknown Path[]

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V2: 10-6 Bearer of Hope[]

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V2: 10-7 New Journey[]

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V2: 10-Side Story 1 Mission Target[]

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V2: 10-S1 Sea and Adventure[]

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V2: 10-S2 Grilled Fish Guardian[]

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V2: 10-S3 Loyal Seeker[]

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