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  • Chenxi: When those at Stardust Remains realized that crossing the canyons was impossible, they abandoned this factory and left the wasteland.
  • Nikki: Where did they go?
  • Chenxi: It was rumored that some of them lived incognito and lead normal lives till the end while others... gave up living because they lost their direction in life.
  • Nikki: ...
  • Nikki: So what about those who built the Lonely Whale in the Ruins?
  • Chenxi: The same goes for them. Shipbuilding lost its meaning and the shipyard became a ruin as well.
  • Chenxi: However, their ideal was inherited.
  • Chenxi: Perhaps it was destined but more than 100 years later, a group of men who called themselves the Resonators, came to the Lonely Whale Island to conquer the sky.
  • Nikki: Are they the ancestors of the Ruin?
  • Chenxi: Yes. They built another nation on the shipyard ruins.
  • Chenxi: Alright. One last theme and my database update will be completed.
  • Nikki: Hmm. What theme else do you need?
  • Chenxi: The theme is gorgeous and noble Pigeon formal dress.


There is no concluding dialogue.