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  • Chenxi: Hmm... The next theme is...
  • Momo: Hold on. Why are you bossing Nikki around?
  • Chenxi: My apologies. I forgot the competition rules. Since Nikki helped me, as a return, I'll agree to one of your requests.
  • Nikki: I have a question. How can Starfall possess such transcendent technologies yet became ruins after a disaster?
  • Ace: Yea. They even abandoned this factory they built with so much effort...
  • Chenxi: The answer is simple. Their research failed.
  • Ace: Failed? But... A plane is parked here.
  • Chenxi: As I said just now, people back then tried to explore the end of the continent but none succeeded. Not those building a plane in the west, not those building the Lonely Whale.
  • Nikki: By none succeeded you mean?
  • Chenxi: When the planes flew across the canyons, when the ship sailed away from the continent, they were all devoured by darkness. There were no survivors.
  • Nikki: What is at the end of Miraland?
  • Chenxi: Surging waves and hurricanes. Anyway, no one was able to overcome all obstacles and reach the end.
  • Ace: But... How could you have known all of these?
  • Chenxi: That'd be another story. If you want to know...
  • Nikki:I know what you mean. What's the styling theme this time?
  • Chenxi: When I came to this continent, I was impressed by the elegant style in the Cloud . Let that be the theme.


There is no concluding dialogue.