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  • (The explorers were studying the devices and items in the dusty plane factory.)
  • Chenxi: Pink hair girl, I'm very interested in your styling ability.
  • Momo: Stop calling her pink hair girl. Her name is Nikki!
  • Chensi: You're such a noisy kitty.
  • Momo: Want another bite?
  • Chenxi: Nikki, you have excellent styling talent, even stronger than the program I designed.
  • Nikki: ...Were you using your program in the competition?
  • Chenxi: Exactly. The computer is a strong learner and competitor.
  • Nikki: Since Ruin has such an advanced technology, why are you investigating here at the wasteland?
  • Chenxi: Through exploring history, we can talk with those who lived in the past. Isn't that just fantastic?
  • Nikki: But if a man has learned about the past and future through the Shimmer, would he still need to talk to the past...?
  • Chenxi: Oh, and I just checked the database, some themes require updating. Nikki, could you please style a set of cute Lilith dress to help me improve my program?


There is no concluding dialogue.