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  • Expedition Captain: Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Chenxi, from the Ruin Island.
  • Chenxi: To tell the tale of this mysterious underground factory we have to start from a long time ago.
  • Chenxi: Back then, people were trying to figure out where the end of this continent was. They set off from the westernmost tip, which is nearby to where we are now, Stardust Remains.
  • Chenxi: Somewhere even further west, high mountains and wide canyons kept people out. For this, some decided to explore heading towards the farthest east, while some chose to stay here.
  • Nikki: So this is why they built a plane factory here? People who stayed here planned to fly over the mountains and the canyons by air.
  • Chenxi: That's right.
  • Ace: But how did they produce such epoch-making invention so long ago?
  • Chenxi: Do you know the origin of New Era?
  • Ace: I read some materials about it in the library of Pigeon Royal City. It says that the New Era started from an incident called 'Nine-Day Dream'.
  • Ace: However, the records about it are so uncanny that my sister and I believe it to just be a hoary legend.
  • Chenxi: That wasn't a legend. It really occurred on this continent.
  • Chenxi: People were caught in an endless dream and in it, bizarre and motley scenes played. Among them was a composer who wrote a piece of music based on his dream, 'The Revelation'.
  • Ransa: I've never heard of it before.
  • Chenxi: It makes sense, because it has vanished in the inexorable tide of history. But its existence was the key to people's awakening.
  • Ace: The awakening? What do you mean?
  • Chenxi: It's recorded that people who just woke up recalled what they saw in the dreams once they heard 'The Revelation'.
  • Chenxi: The world is devoured by a flood and the Miraland civilization shall be annihilated.
  • Nikki: What?! Miraland will eventually... be annihilated?
  • Chenxi: Yes. Besides these doomsday scenes, they also remembered those formulas and theories that would eventually prove to be correct and which were beyond the cognition of that era.
  • Chenxi: The advanced knowledge helped them to possess technologies that were ahead of their time.
  • Chenxi: But they'd only understand and use those formulas and theories 100 years later. 'The Lonely Whale' Shipyard, the plane factory and the Ruin Island later, was a product of that era.
  • (With the whirl of information filling in the blanks of history, everyone was lost in thought.)
  • Nikki: What you said sounds unreal... The eventual Miraland destruction, the transcendent technologies and the nine-day dream...
  • Chenxi: All of these may be beyond your knowledge of this continent, but time will tell,just like those proved formulas and theories.
  • Chenxi: At least, Berta is kind of an inhuman being which itself should prove a lot.
  • Ace: Berta? The ruler of the Ruin?
  • Nikki: And what do you mean by an inhuman being?
  • (Chenxi looked tired and he rubbed his temples.)
  • Chenxi: Perhaps I should start with 'The Arrival of the Shimmer' to properly explain this.
  • Chenxi: But I'm feeling a little tired. Eleven, play a piece of relaxing violin music, please. Pink hair girl, let's have another styling competition. The theme is violinist this time.


There is no concluding dialogue.