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  • Expedition Captain: I lost again. Is it a data error?
  • Nikki: Can you answer our questions now?
  • (The venture captain ignored Nikki. He turned to take a portable computer out of his bag and started to check calculation.)
  • Ransa: You!
  • (Ransa tried to stop the expedition captain, but she was warded off by the human shield the explorers formed.)
  • Expedition Captain: Eleven, replay the competition record.
  • Mechanic Sound: Yes, Master.
  • (A small robot suspended in the air, emitting a cone shaped beam that displayed Nikki's figure in the styling competition.)
  • Nikki: Is it...
  • Ace: Well, it seems like we don't have to question who the expedition really are now.
  • Ransa: Unexpectedly, besides the infamous gray raven, there were also other people from the Ruin here.
  • (Curious, Momo approached the projection and touched Nikki's image. Its paw went through the image.)
  • Momo: So this is holographic projection? This is my first time seeing it at Miraland!
  • (Suddenly, someone held Momo up and inspected it here and there.)
  • Expedition Captain: A talking cat? What kind of materials is it made of? It feels so lifelike. It even has the bone structure of a real cat.
  • (Momo was dumbstruck, then struggled violently, even biting the captain before fighting free.)
  • Expedition Captain: Oh? This robot cat is even equipped with an attack system. Although the damage level is low, it has excellent instant reaction to its environment.
  • Momo: I'm not a robot cat, you are! I am Momo!
  • Nikki:Momo is a talking cat, not a machine!
  • Ace: Let's stop this farce. Now, it's time for you to tell us everything!
  • Expedition Captain: I just improved the algorithm for my program. You, pink hair, let's compete once more.
  • Ransa: Don't be insatiable! You're just trying to sidestep my problems!
  • Expedition Captain: This is the last competition, I promise.
  • Nikki: I accept! What is the theme?
  • Expedition Captain: Alright, listen up. The theme is gorgeous futuristic style of the ruins .


There is no concluding dialogue.