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  • (The explorers were well prepared for such situation. They took out their flashlights and started exploring this area.)
  • (In the dark, everyone was only able to see a narrow area where the flashlight reached.)
  • Male Explorer: Captain, we've found a lighting equipment.
  • Expedition Captain: Well done. Does it still work?
  • Male Explorer: Nope. I just tried. But it is compatible with our energy storage device. Give me a second.
  • Tuda: What are they talking about? What are Chusaurus and Stegosaurus?
  • Nikki: They probably found sort of lighting equipment, but there is no power source?
  • Ransa: The power plant in the wasteland was just built a few years ago and only railway stations and large tribes were equipped with electricity. Why is there lighting equipment here?
  • Nikki: Besides, we're under the temple... When I saw the stones on the passage walls and circuit patterns on the cella wall, I had an indistinct feeling that...
  • Ace: I wonder if we're thinking the same thing, that this is not your usual expedition.
  • Nikki: Yep, and we seem to have ignored something obvious...
  • Momo: (Whimper) It's so dark in here Nikki. I'm so scared!
  • (Suddenly, a flash of light leaped from where those explorers were.)
  • (A moment later, a glaring bright light flickered, then completely drove the darkness away.)
  • (Everyone shut their eyes at the bright light since they were just adjusted to the dark.)
  • (When they gradually adapted to the light, they were shocked by what was before them)
  • Ace: Electric wire? Rusty ladders and machines?
  • Momo: Look! There's even a plane over there!
  • Ransa: Is this still the wasteland...
  • Nikki: I finally realized what my passing thought was! The technology level in the passage, the cella, and here are much more advanced than that of the wasteland!
  • (Tuda said nothing, to be precise, he was so shocked he lost the ability to speak.)
  • (Every object here and the building itself completely overset his past understanding.)
  • Expedition Captain: Nomads, see, I wasn't lying. You know nothing at all about what the temple really is.
  • Ransa: But as an outlander, how did you come to know that there is such a space hidden beneath Stardust Remains?
  • Expedition Captain: If you want the answer, win me in a styling competition. Isn't that the general rule?
  • Nikki: I'll go against you this time. What's the styling theme this time?
  • Expedition Captain: I was negligent just now. This time, I'll challenge you with the expedition theme outfit on me. This is tailored using my elaborate calcu... design.


There is no concluding dialogue.