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  • Tuda: You lose!
  • Nikki: As agreed, please restore those relics and leave with your team.
  • Expedition Captain: If I tell you that I know Stardust Remains better than any nomad, will you believe me?
  • Nikki: What... do you mean?
  • Ace: What's your point? Are you going back on your word?
  • (The venture captain didn't answer Ace. Instead, he whispered in the ear of his fellow explorer.)
  • Ransa: What monkey business are you up to?
  • Expedition Captain: I never expected to such a remarkable stylist in the wasteland. I seemed to have underestimated the styling skill of the wasteland.
  • Tuda: Nikki is the best stylist! Stop your long and boring twaddle, okay? Leave Stardust Remains immediately!
  • Expedition Captain: As a 'return' for the new knowledge I acquired, I'll give you a chance to learn more about the truth of Stardust Remains.
  • (As if he has received a signal, the explorer standing near put his hands on a pillar and the bottom half it started spinning with his action.)
  • (A mechanism was triggered, followed by horrifying rumblings from all directions.)
  • (The temple started shaking whlle rubbles fell over our heads.)
  • Ace: What's wrong? What's that mechanism he triggered?
  • Expedition Captain: Go witness with your own eyes if you want to know!
  • Momo: Nikki, look! The floor under his feet! It's sinking!
  • (The large rectangle slate that the venture captain was standing on started sinking, and we were unsure where to.)
  • Ransa: Nikki, Ace, let's jump onto that slate now!
  • (In a flash, the slate was almost one meter lower than the ground. Ransa, Ace and Momo jumped onto it first.)
  • (Followed by Tuda and Nikki.)
  • (The other explorers who were already on the slate, just watched impassively from where they were.)
  • (The slate descended slowly and finally stopped as the rumbling faded away.)
  • (At this moment, even the dim light vanished and all of us were enveloped by darkness.)
  • (It was dark and dank in the cella and the air smelled of rust and dust.)
  • Ace: It finally stopped. It's so dark in here. I'm as blind as a bat now.
  • Tuda: Ahem... And it smells awful!
  • Ransa: The temperature underground is much lower than that in the cella.
  • Nikki: Let's change into warm and thick clothes. Be careful not to inhale the dust.


There is no concluding dialogue.