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  • (Inside the heavy stone gate were the steps leading to the cella.)
  • (Standing on the steps, you'd have a panoramic view of the cella.)
  • (The expedition consisted of only a few members who were investigating different spots.)
  • (Ancient wasteland outfits were displayed on one side of the cella wall and an explorer reached out to take off the ornament on the outfits.)
  • (Tuda couldn't hold back and rushed over to that explorer while his companions followed at once)
  • Tuda: You! What are you doing? How dare you destroy the relics in the temple? That's blasphemy!
  • Tall Explorer: Who are you?
  • Ransa: We were asked to prepare for the upcoming ceremony here by the wasteland priestess.
  • Ace: That's right. But we never thought that we'd run across you bandits! You are even disguised as explorers!
  • Tall Explorer: That's strange... We did extensive research before coming and we were sure no ceremony will be held in the wasteland recently...
  • ???: We're an expedition from Apple Federation and I think there's some misunderstanding between us.
  • Tall Explorer: Captain!
  • (Everyone looked towards the direction where the sound came from. The captain looked no more than a teenager.)
  • Ransa: Are you the captain of the expedition? You look like you're still just a kid.
  • Expedition Captain: Let me teach you a lesson, never judge a book by its cover.
  • Nikki: By misunderstanding, you mean...?
  • Expedition Captain: This is the altar investigation permit granted to the expedition.
  • (Ransa took over the permit inscribed with Apple Federation Historical Institute. It stated the expedition's mission, which was to explore Stardust Remains and collect data.)
  • Ransa: You guys are the one who made a mistake. This is the temple's cella. It is not open to the public and not even the expedition is allowed.
  • Tuda: Besides, you even destroyed the wasteland relics!
  • Expedition Captain: Let's not waste our breaths. A styling competition is more effective than negotiation, isn't it? If I win, you can't interfere with the expedition anymore.
  • Ransa: Wait... Then if you lose, you and your team must leave right away.
  • Tuda: And you have to restore the relics you destroyed before leaving.
  • Expedition Captain: Yes.
  • Nikki: Then, what's the theme of this competition?
  • Expedition Captain: Wasteland's free and unrestrained folk custom is similar to the street culture of Apple Federation. So let's set the theme as colorful street wear.


There is no concluding dialogue.