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  • (Everyone checked carefully around the altar for any possible clue.)
  • Momo: What is this? Hey! Look at this!
  • Nikki: What have you found, Momo?
  • (Momo guided them to the back of the altar, where rilievo was found to be carved on the altar base.)
  • (That's a mural designed to eulogize Apollo.)
  • (The sun was high in the sky. A divine bird spread its wings and soared.)
  • (On the ground, a goddess wearing a gorgeous tiara held up her scepter to pray to the sun.)
  • Nikki: Anything odd about the mural?
  • Momo: I didn't mean the mural. Look, there is a petal here.
  • (A petal was caught in an almost invisible gap where the altar base and the top of the mural connect.)
  • Ransa: The petal seems very fresh. It should have dried up after a little while with the wasteland being so arid and hot.
  • Ace: It's weird. How did the petal fall into such a thin gap?
  • (When everyone was paying attention to the small petal in the gap, Nikki went on to observe the mural carefully.)
  • Nikki: Do you guys find that the sun to be... Huh?
  • (When Nikki touched one of the most dazzling suns on the mural, all the carved suns moved inward.)
  • (Nikki pushed the sun inward again with some more effort. She seemed to have triggered a mechanism.)
  • (A rumble came from deep within then to our surprise, the mural slowly sank below the ground along with stone walls, revealing a stone stairway leading down.)
  • (The petal caught in the gap slowly floated down into the deep stairway.)
  • Momo: Wow! Nikki, you're awesome!
  • Ace: Come on! Let's go check it out.
  • (They passed through the entrance that was only half a person high, and walked carefully down the stone stairs.)
  • (The sun lit only the first few steps, but interestingly, some luminous gems inlaid on the stone walls shone faintly in the darkness, barely lighting up the way ahead.)
  • (The stone stairway wasn't long and at its end was an opened stone gate.)
  • (Inside, someone could be heard talking and walking.)
  • (Tuda eagerly wanted to go in to explore further, but Ransa stopped him.)
  • Ransa: (Whisper) We'll be assumed to be another group with alternative plans for the temple if we went in directly. I’ve got a good idea.
  • Nikki: (Whisper) What is it?
  • Ransa: (Whisper) Besides Tuda, we can disguise as desert inhabitants by changing into simple wasteland outfits to logically ask for the reason the expedition is here.
  • Momo: (Whisper) That's the Ransa I know...


There is no concluding dialogue.