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  • (The golden desert was as far as the eye can reach. The burning wind carrying tiny grains of sand blew on their faces.)
  • (After climbing over a low dune, they witnessed a magnificent temple in the distance.)
  • (It was built with piling stones and several tall stone pillars stood at its entrance.)
  • (On its weather-beaten walls, beautiful totems and ancient writings were still discernible.)
  • Tuda: The Stardust Remains is ahead.
  • (Following Tuda, they came to an outdoor altar at the center of the temple. The stone statue of Hadley, a goddess, was surrounded by flowers for prayers.)
  • (It was not the day of the monthly sacrifice, so no one was there.)
  • Nikki: It's so strange. Where is the expedition we saw?
  • Ace: Could we have gotten it wrong? Maybe this is not the destination of the expedition.
  • Ransa: We can‘t be wrong. There's no building else in the Stardust Remains besides this temple.
  • Momo: Then, where are they? Don't tell me they have superpowers. Maybe stealth or teleporting?
  • Tuda: Let's see... I remember that there is a cella(sic) built under this altar, accessible to the archpriest who is in charge of rituals and ceremonies.
  • Tuda: Relics left by the gods are housed there. It's said that these relics witnessed the miracles that occurred in the wasteland in ancient times.
  • Nikki: Might the expedition reach the cella already?
  • Ace: Probably. We'd better look for the way in.
  • Tuda: No! We cannot trespass the shrine. If the gods feel offended, terrible disasters may arise!
  • Ace: But the expedition may have entered already and if we don't stop them in time, the wasteland may face terrible catastrophe as well.
  • Ransa: Exactly. It's urgent. We could send for the archpriest, but that might hold up too much time.
  • Tuda: But... even so, we can't...
  • Nikki: Tuda, we're entering to protect the gods from being disturbed by outcomers. Is that not why we came in the first place?
  • Tuda: Well...Okay, then! But you must promise that you'll leave immediately if you find no one suspicious in there.
  • Nikki: Okay. You have our words.
  • Ace: Let's split up and search for clues for the way leading into the cella.
  • Momo: Wait. It's boiling here. I'm suffering from heatstroke!
  • Ransa: This moment is indeed when the wasteland is at its hottest in a day. But... If we want to search the temple for clues, we can't just stand in the shade.
  • Momo: Nikki, please style a set of sunproof and cooling outfit for us! Or we would be roasted before we find any clue!
  • Nikki: No problem.


There is no concluding dialogue.