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Story: In the little cabin on the wilderness, Nikki found a letter left by Elder Shaud. Buried deep in the heart of the Elder was an unfulfilled wish...


  • Dear reader, hello.
  • I don't know who you are and now that you know my name, you should know me.
  • Several years ago, Andrew took a group of dwarves to Stone City Plata and thus lived a secluded life there, while the rest of people, I included. chose to stay in Pigeon Forest.
  • But I knew, from that moment, the dwarves are no longer what they were.
  • After settling down the dwarves of Pigeon Forest, I chose to leave the place I lived with everyone and started traveling around.
  • Finally, I came to the Wasteland. The people here are simple and honest and I chose to stay.
  • But I have a regret in my heart. That's to see the reunion of dwarves with my own eyes. I'm sure Andrew shares the same feeling with me.
  • I thought that maybe I should go to find him and discuss with him about this, but I had no idea how should I bring this up, so I gave up.
  • But I still harbor the last hope that, if Andrew has the same feeling, maybe he’ll send someone to look for me.
  • However, I clearly know I don't have many days left. Dwarves have longer lives than humans, so we have a stronger feeling about the elapse of time.
  • Inside the envelope are a sapphire ring and a crystal, the former a symbol of friendship between humans and I, and the latter the token of Andrew and I as friends.
  • If it may, I hope you can bring back the two things to Pigeon Forest.
  • Though I cannot see it myself, I still wish for the day when dwarves reunite.
  • Hewt