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Story: In the fantasy, Nikki remembered the bits of precious memories between her and Debbie, which moved Elder Andrew and he agreed to help, but on a condition...


  • (The pictures change again. Nikki returns to Pigeon Forest.)
  • (In the forest, Chief Andrew is sitting under the Tree of Life.)
  • (He closes his eyes, seemingly taking a nap.)
  • Nikki: Hi, Chief Andrew. As an outsider, I know I have no place to comment about what happened in the past.
  • Nikki: But I know the Miraland now is a beautiful and friendly world. Not only in the Pigeon Kingdom, I have also met a great many great dwarves in Apple Federation, Cloud, and Lilith.
  • Nikki: Especially Debbie, she is a good friend who helped me when I was in trouble. And she is also a member of Iron Rose, a friend to all the other members.
  • (When Nikki recalls the time she spent with Debbie, those moments appear before her.)
  • (When Debbie talked happily with Ransa and Mela when she drove Iron Rose Airship carefully.)
  • (In Pigeon Palace, when Debbie disguised as a guard to save them.)
  • Nikki: Today's Miraland, just as Chief Hewt expected, has become a free land where dwarves can live freely everywhere and they can be real friends with others.
  • (All the pictures are gone. In obscurity, Chief Andrew approached Nikki slowly.)
  • (Now he opens his eyes, looking at Nikki seriously.)
  • Chief Andrew: Human, I have heard your words. So, you are here, in Stone City Plata, not to tell me these things, right?
  • Nikki: Yes, I've come to seek your help.
  • Nikki: Prince Chloris of Pigeon Forest is our friend, and he's in a coma because of injury. We want to ask if you could help save Prince Chloris.
  • Chief Andrew: Chloris... How long has it been when I heard the name last time.
  • (Nikki told all the stories to Chief Andrew, how he opened Shadow City by force, and how he was attacked by Xiao Zong and fell into a coma.)
  • Nikki: Elaine told us, the fruit of the Tree of Life can heal any illness, but as the Elven Queen is missing, the tree has not born fruit for a thousand years...)
  • Chief Andrew: Indeed, when I was in Pigeon Forest, the Tree of Life didn't fruit.
  • Nikki: Do you have any idea if we can let it fruit again?
  • Chief Andrew: The tree will only bear fruit with the effort of two guardians. This cannot be changed.
  • Nikki: Maybe... You know some other ways to heal Prince Chloris?
  • Chief Andrew: ...
  • Chief Andrew: Little girl, you changed my view about humans. I can help you.
  • Nikki: Thank you! Thank you so much, Chief Andrew.
  • Chief Andrew: Don't hurry, as an exchange, you have to do one thing for me.