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Story: Nikki met two squabbling dwarfs in the Elder's memory fragment. From the content of their quarrel, Nikki learned a memory that had been forgotten by humans but was unforgettable to dwarfs.


  • (In front of Nikki appears an exuberant forest, and amidst her vision, two dwarves are arguing badly.)
  • ???: Andrew, humans are not what you think they are. There are good ones.
  • Andrew: Hewt, you are still talking for the humans? Have you forgotten who you are?
  • Hewt: I have not, but escaping from humans cannot solve the problem.
  • Andrew: Solve the problem? Then we should pay back what humans did to us!
  • Hewt: That's not what I mean! If we get along with humans kindly, we could understand each other...
  • Andrew: Enough! Listen to what you are talking about! We were fooled by those vile humans into their dirty cities and labor all day long like slaves!
  • Andrew: Now, we are finally back to our homeland, and you still want us to get along with them? Isn't even worse torture!
  • Hewt: The current human's leader believes in equality between dwarves and humans. Even if you don't believe in humans, taking so many clansmen to Plata is definitely not a wise move.
  • Andrew: Pigeon Forest is too close to humans. If one day they change their idea, we dwarves will fall into suffering again!
  • Hewt: So what we should do is to avoid the tragedy to happen again. If we work together, we can surely figure things out. Then humans will only seek help, instead of trouble, from us.
  • Andrew: You are thinking of things too easily, Hewt. Can humans treat dwarves equally? You never learn from the past.
  • Hewt: I believe humans and the whole world will become better.
  • Andrew: It looks that we cannot reach an agreement today. Let's stop now. If someday humans show their disgusting faces to you again, Stone City Plata will always welcome you.
  • (The pictures gradually blur and become clear again. Nikki finds out it's where she is now, Renieve Snowpeaks.)
  • (The dwarves in thick cotton coats are swinging their pickaxes to mine arduously. They look very tired, but there is the light of hope in their eyes)
  • (The dilapidated stone city becomes what it is with the dwarves' effort.)
  • (On the day when the stone city is rebuilt, Andrew looks to the direction of Pigeon Forest at the city gate.)
  • (The city is covered in warm red at the sunset. Andrew lowers his head and lets out a heavy sigh, then walks into the city.)
  • (The gate behind closes slowly, shutting them down from the outside world.)
  • (What's in the front reminds Nikki of the fairy tales about humans and dwarves that Debbie told her.)
  • (At the end of the tales, in the frangipani symbolizing friendship, Blue Eyes and Little Dwarf defeated the villain and made peace with each other.)
  • (But the reality of hundreds of years did not end the way in the fairy tales.)
  • (After the dark days as slaves, some dwarves wanted a safe place even if it means to leave the land they have lived for generations.)
  • (Until today, history can not be found on any history books in Miraland. They are the memories humans forgot deliberately.)
  • Nikki: So this is the truth about dwarves moved their home to Stone City Plata...