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  • Momo: Barbeque is the best!
  • Nikki: Is that person by the stage Sofia?
  • Momo: It's her! Let's go say hello!
  • Nikki: Sofia, how are you doing!
  • Sofia: Nikki and Momo, hi!
  • Nikki: Are you invited to perform here?
  • Sofia: Hmm, the owner of the restaurant is a big fan of mine. He invited me to perform here so that more people can know me.
  • Momo: Sofia. you are such a great dancer. I'm sure people here will love you!
  • Sofia: Thank you. To match the show in the Wasteland, I prepared a Wasteland diva style . Nikki, let's have a try!
  • Nikki: Yeah!


There is no concluding dialogue.