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  • (In the desert to the west of the tribe, there is a shabby hut.)
  • (Tuda takes out the key given by the chief and opens the wooden door.)
  • (Though the owner has been away for years, the inside is still tidy and everything is kept where it was.)
  • Tuda: Mist Sand Tribe, for a time, was about to collapse because of internal clashes, but Priest Hewt came and brought unity back to the tribe. Later, he led the tribe to prosperity.
  • Ace: Chief Hewt is really a respected person.
  • Tuda: Hmm, Chief also put great faith in him. Even if Priest Hewt has passed away, the chief often sends people to clean his house.
  • (On the desk smaller than common ones lies a letter. Its bottom bulges, seemingly holding something inside.)
  • No name is left on the receiver area but a line of clear script, To Visitor.)
  • Nikki: It says 'To Visitor'. Did Chief Hewt know we are coming?
  • Tuda: Chief told me that Priest Hewt once told him before he passed away that, if there is a visitor asking about his whereabouts, give this key to the hut to them.
  • Ace: I see. In the letter are a letter, a sapphire ring, and a crystal.
  • Nikki: Then let's take back these things to Stone City Plata. And... take back the message of Chief Hewt's departure.
  • (Nikki and the others walk out of the hut. They find that an expedition team quickly walks away after seeing them.)
  • Momo: Wow, are those people scared of us. Why are they running so fast?
  • Ransa: It's in the very deep of Wasteland. Why is there an expedition here?
  • Tuda: That direction... It's the holy place of Wasteland, Stardust Remains!
  • Nikki: Stardust Remains?
  • Tuda: It's said that it's the nearest place to gods and it's the place of worship where all the important rites are held every year.
  • Ransa: I've heard about this place. It's the home to a tribe named Stardust, the most prosperous tribe in Wasteland once.
  • Nikki: How did it end up like this?
  • Tuda: It's said that a disaster fell upon Stardust Tribe and resulted in its destruction, but nobody knows what happened for sure.
  • Ace: Is that expedition going to investigate the ruin?
  • Tuda: It's the sacred place of Wasteland. No profanity to gods is allowed! Nikki, I want to check it out, can you go with me?
  • Nikki: Sure!
  • Tuda: It's all desert around. Let's change into clothes easy to move first!


There is no concluding dialogue.