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  • (Wasteland, Mist Sand Tribe.)
  • Ransa: That's Mist Sand Tribe up ahead.
  • Ace: There is a boy over there. Let's ask him!
  • Nikki: Hello, do you know a dwarf by the name of Hewt?
  • Tuda: Nikki! You are back!
  • Nikki: Tuda! Long time no see!
  • Tuda: This is... Ransa! Nikki, why are you with this bad woman!
  • Ransa: ...
  • Tuda: You are looking for someone! Is Iron Rose looking for trouble again!
  • Nikki: No, we came here with a mission.
  • Tuda: Not again will I be tricked by Ransa a second time. I've been through a lot of practices in the tribes. I am not who I was!
  • Nikki: So is Iron Rose. Please calm down...
  • Tuda: Say no more. I'll defeat you all with my[asteland Warrior](sic) style!


  • Tuda: Darn... I improved so much, but I still cannot defeat Nikki...
  • Momo: Now, can you listen to what Nikki has to say?
  • Nikki: Ransa did do a lot of bad things in Wasteland, but Iron Rose has been regrouped and it won't repeat the old mistakes.
  • Ransa: I'm sorry about what I did before... Please accept my apology, Tuda.
  • Tuda: Ransa apologized to me ?! That cunning and foxy Ransa... Is this your new trick?
  • Nikki: Tuda, if you are willing to believe me, then forgive Ransa.
  • Tuda: ... Alright, I trust Nikki, so I am willing to trust you another time.
  • Ace: So can you answer our question now? Do you know a dwarf named Hewt?
  • Nikki: I heard he's the priest of Mist Sand Tribe.
  • Tuda: The previous priest of Mist Sand Tribe indeed was a dwarf, but he has passed away many years ago...
  • Ace: What? He's deed?!
  • Momo: We can never finish the mission of Dwarf Chief!
  • Nikki: ... Did he leave anything behind? Maybe we could take it back to Chief Andrew.
  • Tuda: I'm not sure about that, but I can ask the chief. He could know something.
  • Nikki: Thank you, Tuda.