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  • (On the foot of Renieve Snowpeaks.)
  • Nikki: Debbie, I'll entrust you to give this fruit to Elaine.
  • Debbie: Rest assured, I am familiar with this place. I'll be in Pigeon Forest in one hour.
  • Nikki: Stay in touch on the communicator.
  • Debbie: No problem, then I'll be going!
  • Nikki: Hmm, safe journey.
  • Ace: Nikki, how do you know there is a fruit of the Tree of Life in Stone City Plata?
  • Nikki: In the memory fragment left by the chief, I met him and I talked with him.
  • Ace: I see, no wonder that guard agreed to give us the fruit after he touched the crystal. It must be the order of the chief.
  • Nikki: Hmm, but he also gave me a task, to ask Chief Hewt of Pigeon Forest to meet him.
  • Momo: But Debbie just said the chief went to Wasteland...
  • Ace: Anyway, let's go to Wasteland to see if we can find any clue. I have contacted with Ransa. She will pick us up on the airship.
  • Momo: I'm thinking, now that Chief Andrew has agreed to your request, why he's not awakened?
  • Nikki: Perhaps, it's because his wish has not been fulfilled.
  • Ace: Wish?
  • Nikki: Dwarves split into 2 groups hundreds of years ago, but both those in Stone City or Pigeon Forest long for a reunion.
  • Ace: So, can you tell me more about what happened between humans and dwarves hundreds of years ago?
  • (Nikki talks about what she saw in the memory. Ace falls into silence after she finishes.)
  • Ace: I have never imagined that human is the culprit. No wonder on the tower of Pigeon's Royal City, it said 'On Plata's Statues, memories long forgotten by mankind are inscribed...'
  • Momo: Ace, Nikki, the airship has come!
  • (The Airship Iron Rose has taken off. Soon it will fly across Renieve Snowpeaks and arrives in the destination, Wasteland.)
  • Ransa: As far as I know, Chief Hewt left to travel around Miraland after the successor was selected.
  • Ransa: When he traveled to Wasteland, he became the priest of Mist Sand and settled down there.
  • Momo: Wow, traveling around the world then settling down in a quiet place sounds really like some master in the swordsman story.
  • Ace: Swordsman story? I was a big fan of Cloud swordsman fiction too, dreaming all day long to live that heroic and free life.
  • Nikki: Ace, you are a heroic and free swordswoman!
  • Momo Nikki, style a[earless Cloud swordswoman suit](sic) for Ace!


There is no concluding dialogue.