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  • (In the empty palace there is only a statue of a dwarf warrior.)
  • Momo: Eh, where is the sleeping dwarf chief?
  • Dwarf Sentry: Chief Andrew is not here, but the way to awake him is.
  • Nikki: Does this statue have something to do with the method to awake him?
  • Dwarf Sentry: Yes. Touch the statue and you will enter the test left by Chief. The way to wake him up is inside and you have to find it yourself.
  • Dwarf Sentry: But there are 2 things you want to know. Firstly, every time, only one person can be tested. Secondly, if the person failed, she will be haunted by a nightmare too.
  • Debbie: Nikki, this is what I've been worried about. Do we... have to wake up the Chief?
  • Nikki: Debbie, do you think I can finish this task?
  • Debbie: I believe in you, Nikki, but...
  • Nikki: It's a dangerous thing, but if we don't try, we could never know the answer.
  • Ace: Nikki, let me have a try.
  • (Nikki shakes her head with a smile.)
  • Dwarf Sentry: Then, this pink-hair lady is your girl to take the trial?
  • Dwarf Sentry: Oh, based on past experiences, wearing Mori style tends to have a success rate to pass the Chief's trial.


There is no concluding dialogue.