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  • (In the dim cave, the lamps hanging from the roof are like stars decorated in the stones.)
  • (The trails of mine cars surround the cliffs and connect the stone houses.)
  • (Nikki and her friends follow the dwarf guard and step on a little wooden car.)
  • Ace: There is such a giant cave inside Stone City Plata. What a tremendous effort it took to build all this.
  • Debbie: Hmm, the dwarves are born miners. There is a crystal mine cave in the Pigeon Forest.
  • Momo: Oh, why does the Chief of Stone City fall into the sleep?
  • Debbie: It's said that he exhausted too much energy after we moved to Stone City Plata, so he fell into a long sleep.
  • Dwarf Sentry: That right, hundreds of years ago, we moved from Pigeon Forest to Stone City Plata. It's under Chief Andrew's instruction that we built our new home in Plata.
  • Ace: Hundreds of years ago? But wasn’t Stone City Plata built one thousand one hundred years ago?
  • Debbie: Hmm, it's true. But... Hundreds of years ago, dwarves split into 2 factions. One chose to stay in the Pigeon Forest, and the other went to the long-forsaken Stone City Plata.
  • Ace: Split? What happened at that time?
  • Debbie: Some troubles between dwarves and humans. The elders tend to avoid talking about that history.
  • Ace: That's weird. I never heard about it either.
  • (The dwarf guard let out a snort, but he doesn't say anything.)
  • Nikki: What happened at that time?
  • (The little wooden car moved into the deep of the cave and finally stopped by the end of the trail.)
  • (There is a huge underground world before them. Except for the sunlight, it's no different from the world outside.)
  • (The bustling crowd seem very surprised when they saw Nikki and her friends. Some kids hid behind their parents and look at them curiously.)
  • (Following the guard, they came to a lushly decorated palace.)
  • Dwarf Sentry: This is the place to awake the Chief, but before you go in, change into a elegant and formal dress.


There is no concluding dialogue.