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  • (Year 680, Stone City Plata.)
  • (On the towering snow mountains sits a solemn fortress with stone walls and stone houses.)
  • (Tracing the mountain road almost lost in the heavy snow, they finally came to the gate of Stone City.)
  • (It looks like the giant gate is a part of the mountain itself. The mottled surface records the passage of time.)
  • Debbie: This is the Silver Capital, Stone City Plata.
  • Momo: Wow! All the houses are built of stones!
  • Ace: Let's get in.
  • (Debbie pulls the thick rope on the gate, and sometime later, the heavy gate is opened and a dwarf guard walks out.)
  • Dwarf Sentry: Who are you?
  • Debbie: Hello, I'm Debbie who just contacted you. We want to enter Stone City to awake the Chief.
  • Dwarf Sentry: What about these humans?
  • (The guard scans around suspiciously, full of alert.)
  • Debbie: They are all my friends.
  • Nikki: Hi, we are all friends of Debbie. Elven Prince Chloris of Pigeon Forest was injured and fell into a coma. We want to awake the Chief and ask for his help.
  • Dwarf Sentry: Is that so? Hey, you are Debbie, right? Listen, humans are all cunning and treacherous. You're sure you are not tricked?
  • Ace: You!
  • Debbie: Thank you for your reminder, but what they said is true. I can bet with my own life.
  • Dwarf Sentry: Alright then. I can let you in, but if you do anything fishy, don't think you can go unpunished!
  • Nikki: Thank you, and please rest assured. We bear no ill will.
  • Ace: Please let us in.
  • Dwarf Sentry: Wait, I have one more request.
  • Debbie: What is it?
  • Dwarf Sentry: I once read about a country named Ruin. I heard their style is completely different from Pigeon's. Can you show me?
  • Debbie: No problem, I have been studying Ruin style too. Let me style a futuristic ruin style suit for you!


There is no concluding dialogue.