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  • (The mist of illusion disappeared, the wheel of time rolles(sic) forward, the sun rises as always, and the traveler moves again.)
  • (On the road outside of Pigeon Forest, an exquisite carriage is moving toward Renieve Snowpeaks.)
  • (Inside the cart, Debbie is checking a butterfly shaped ring over and over.)
  • Debbie: Nikki, is the reflection of stars hidden in this ring? Why do I feel nothing?
  • Nikki: In the illusion, I felt the immense power in the ring and saw the star's reflection on the lake surface. I have no idea why it's gone now.
  • Ace: Maybe the power in the ring will answer the wishes of the wearer.
  • Debbie: Wishes of the wearer?
  • Ace: H'm, Nikki said this ring helped when she met danger in the illusion, so I guess, will it play its power only when the wearer has a strong resolution?
  • Momo: I think it makes sense. When Nikki determined not to yield, the ring glowed suddenly!
  • Debbie: So, will we get to see what the reflection of stars looks like?
  • Nikki: I think, after all the three materials are collected, they will show their true faces.
  • Debbie: Don't forget to call me at that time!
  • Momo: But when could we collect all the materials! It took such labor for us to get one. Get imprisoned in the illusion and threw into the fake Nine-Day War!
  • Ace: Oh, Nikki, so what the guy named Xiao Zong said is true? You really returned to Nine-Day War and won Rose Chest...
  • Nikki: I'm really not sure. But it is true that he is unimaginably powerful.
  • Momo: Meow, I don't think we should believe in any word that guy said! He promised to let us go if Nikki defeated him in a style contest! You all know what happened. He's a liar!
  • Ace: Whatever it is true or false, at least we know his target is King Sayet's relics.
  • Nikki: The puzzles around the Nine-Day War are getting more and more. The whereabouts of the relics in Rose Chests, the reason why people lost their memories, who started the war...
  • Nikki: And today, the harm brought by the conflicts for the relics of King Sayet is no less than that of the Nine-Day War. Bobo is missing and Chloris fell into a coma...
  • Ace: Nikki, don't push yourselves too hard.
  • Debbie: Yeah! Don't forget you are the leader of Iron Rose. Iron Rose means to be strong!
  • Ace: And you have us. We will find the relics together. The Nikki I knew is not like this!
  • Nikki: You are right, I have to brace myself up. Following the clues we have, there must be a way to solve the puzzles.
  • Debbie: That's right!
  • Carter: Ladies, we are arriving in Renieve Snowpeaks. Please wear simple and warm clothes.


There is no concluding dialogue.