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Story: In the quiet night, Nancy told everyone a story deeply buried in her heart. And it turned out Ace had a similar experience...


  • (Nancy’s home)
  • (Warm yellow light shines in this little but comfortable home. The dinner's smell is still lingering in the air.)
  • Ace: Nancy is such a great cook.
  • Momo: I want another bowl of beef broth!
  • Nikki: Thank you, it's been a while since we tasted such great family meals.
  • Nancy: It's me who should say thank you. Without your help, I might get trapped in the nightmare forever!
  • Nikki: It's okay. You are safe now, and all those who lost their memories!
  • Nancy: Oh, Nikki... I have one request.
  • Nikki: What is it?
  • (Tears shimmer in Nancy's eyes. She tries hard to stay calm as she says the secret buried in her heart.)
  • Nancy: Eight years ago, my boyfriend went to the Nine-Day War, but unfortunately, he was out on the fifth day.
  • Nancy: But after the Nine-Day War, he gradually became strange.
  • Nancy: In the beginning, he just became more often to forget things. But later, he gradually became cold and took me like a stranger.
  • Nikki: This is unbelievable...
  • Ace: Are you sure he changed after the Nine-Day War?
  • Nancy: Hmm, I thought it's because of the failure in the Nine-Day War, but as time goes on, the situation only gets worse.
  • Ace: What happened later? Where is him now?
  • Nancy: Later... He buried himself in designing and the research of King Sayet's works. We never talked about breaking up, but there is nothing different...
  • Ace: Nancy...
  • (Ace holds Nancy's hands tightly, trying to bring her some comfort and warmth.)
  • Momo: Wait! Isn't that the symptom of those who competed with Clariel?
  • Nikki: Indeed, but Nancy said her boyfriend had those conditions after the Nine-Day War...
  • Ace: Nikki, do you remember what we talked about back at the Ash Tree Institute?
  • Nikki: Is that one about your closest person? Ah...!
  • Ace: Yeah. She changed completely after the Nine-Day War, just like Nancy's boyfriend.
  • Ace: And when I investigated Clariel, I found another thing. Pretty much everyone who attended the Nine-Day War had shown similar symptoms.
  • Nikki: What? Someone had done something similar as early as Nine-Day War?
  • Ace: I guess so, that's why I went to investigate the situation.
  • Nancy: After you told me what happened today, I'm thinking about maybe Nikki can restore those people back to normal just like what she did today.
  • Nancy: Sorry... I know this is too much to ask of you. You saved me already, and I want you to save everyone...
  • Nikki: It's okay. If I really can help more people restore them back to normal, I'll do it without you asking.
  • Momo: But it's not the same thing at all! You saved these people because you got the chain! But for the Nine-Day War, there were so many people there. Who knows what caused the disaster?
  • Ace: Momo got a point. We don't know if there was such a thing like Aurora's Tear in the Nine-Day War. It could very well be caused by something else.
  • Nikki: Oh, I saw the image of King Sayet in a work left by him.
  • (Nikki told everyone what happened in Imperial Gallery as well what King Sayet's image told her.)
  • Nikki: King Sayet's image says all the answers lie within the poem. Maybe if we can figure out what he means, we will be able to find the answer.
  • Ace: Three paths, rosebud... Nikki, I really want to know what do they stand.
  • Ace: As far as I know, Iron Rose is searching for something under Queen Elle's order. And the clues she gave mentioned three paths.
  • Nikki: I can try to ask them, but Iron Rose serves Queen Elle only, will they tell us?
  • Ace: Actually... Iron Rose has been disbanded recently just because they didn't finish this quest.
  • Momo: What?! Iron Rose has been disbanded?!
  • Nikki: Isn't Iron Rose the ace force of Queen Elle, why...
  • Ace: As for the details, you can ask them later when you see the Iron Rose members. I know how to find them.
  • Nikki: Okay, so, Ace, will you come with us?
  • Ace: No, I'll go on investigating the memory loss thing. I don't think today's incident is as simple as it appears to be. Maybe there is something more behind Clariel.
  • Nancy: Lady Elle (sic), if it's possible, can I go with you? I want to help.
  • Ace: My pleasure.
  • (The young girls look decisive.)
  • (No matter what lies ahead, the fire of hope will not go out.)