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Story: During the resonance with Aurora's Tear, Nikki saw many pictures of memories. Among them, Nikki even saw King Sayet...


  • (Nikki holds Aurora's Tear in her hand and closes her eyes after taking a deep breath.)
  • (Chaotic currents of memories rush to Nikki. Like standing by a door of memories, Nikki sees countless scrolls of lives.)
  • (She sees a sweet family having dinner on Christmas eve. The kid is happily holding a gift.)
  • (She sees a youngster, aspirational and ambitious, wins an ideal job with outstanding styling skills.)
  • (She sees Nancy. In the beginning, she is talking with a man about design principles.)
  • (But later, Nancy is almost talking herself, with the boy replying carelessly from time to time.)
  • (So many memories fill her mind. They roll and rotate, forming a huge vortex trying to attract Nikki‘s memory too.)
  • (Small beads of sweat seep on the forehead of Nikki, but she doesn't fear or cower.)
  • (Those people in the memory are so alive, just like Nancy.)
  • (But now, without memories and emotions, they are a painting deprived of colors, gray and gloomy.)
  • (Nikki takes another deep breath and focuses. Suddenly, a golden butterfly comes into her vision. It flies across different pictures.)
  • (She follows the golden butterfly and sees a pair of hands full of wrinkles. With exceptional accuracy and skills, the hands carve the crystal into the shape of a butterfly.)
  • (On the other side of the table lies a yellowed design. Nikki tells the pattern on its corner is the symbol of The Enlightened.)
  • (And coincidentally, the butterfly on the design is extremely like the one the hands are carving.)
  • (Pictures shift and Nikki sees the owner of the hands, the one she saw before in the illusion, King Sayet himself.)
  • (He seems satisfied with the work he made. He then takes out a crystal chain and carefully attaches the butterfly on it.)
  • (When the work is finished. A gust of wind blows over and all the pictures fade away.)
  • (When Nikki opens eyes again, she can feel Aurora’s Tear has become an exquisite but normal chain.)
  • Momo: Nikki, how is it going?
  • Nikki: I think I made it.
  • Ace: Let check out those stylists!
  • Nikki: Nancy, do you remember me?
  • Nancy: Nikki? What are you talking about? Of course, I remember you. Oh, I lost to that collector, then... Then I had a strange dream?
  • Ace: Let Nikki explain later. Let's check out the others.
  • Nikki: Hello, do you remember me?
  • Passerby Stylist: Aren't you the little girl who talked with me before? Hey? Where is everyone else? Is the exhibition over yet?
  • Nikki: Nice! They are all back to normal!
  • Ace: But we still don't know if the other stylists who competed with Clariel before are okay now.
  • Nikki: I can feel that this chain has become a normal ornament. I think those memories and emotions must have returned to their owners.