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  • Momo: Why doesn't the host come out? I really want to see King Sayet's work...
  • Nancy: I heard a lot about it before.
  • Nikki: Can you give us some details?
  • Nancy: Sure. The work is called Aurora's Tear, one of the designs after King Sayet changed his style. It's said that it comes from a legend King Sayet heard when he traveled around.
  • Nancy: Apart from the design of King Sayet, the chain itself is priceless. The whole chain is made of Stone of Light. With skillful cutting, it shimmers brilliantly even in poor lighting.
  • Nikki: Nancy knows so much about King Sayet!
  • Momo: You are really a great fan of King Sayet. How can you know so many things!
  • Nancy: Haha... Oh, to get a closer view of King Sayet's work, I especially designed a lady style set. I really hope I can win.
  • Nancy: Nikki, can we have a contest now?
  • Nikki: Sure!


There is no concluding dialogue.